Escape Rooms

Airplane shenanigans

Last weekend, a couple family members and I participated in one of those Escape Rooms, that have now become popular. Let me tell you, that was the most organized fun I have had in a while. My husband is one of those people that wants everything to seem real. He was stressing that it  was going to be to fake and he wasn’t going to enjoy it. Guys, in all reality, he LOVED the Escape Room. Let me tell you a little about it;

When you go in, you pick your scenario. You normally have about 3-4 to choose from. Our group chose the airplane scheme. The guy that was on shift that night, read us the description of the room, and read us the rules. The description was something like this..

You are sitting on a plane and you are flying to Hawaii for a well needed vacation when suddenly, a flight attendant comes screaming while running down the aisle. You managed to hear something come out of her mouth about a bomb, and you suddenly begin to panic. The cockpit is locked, and the pilot is non responsive. Do you have time to stop the bomb before the plane goes up in flames?



escape room 1Now let me tell you guys, I am SO claustrophobic. Forget it. I was standing there thinking, are we going to be in a small space? How is this going to work? I shot my husband this look, and he shut it down real quick. I could already tell he was telling me with his eyes to quit being a baby. So the guy led us to the room and we had exactly one hour to solve the mystery. There was 6 of us. Full disclosure, it was NOT tiny spaced, but it was set up like an airplane which was extremely neat. Also, I will not be giving away answers on this entry, so don’t go looking for them or reading between the lines because they will not be there! We had to go through so many suitcases, and unlock doors, and put in so many codes and puzzles. We were down to our last 8 minutes and you only have one time to enter the code once you find the bomb, If you were to enter it wrong or not enter the right code your bomb went off and you lost. We did enter the right code, and we did finish the room with about 7 minutes left.

If you are or were thinking about participating in a Escape Room, DO IT! It was so much fun and I am SO ready to do it again. After, we went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, El Charro in Southaven, and I drank way to many margaritas. I was just dandy that night. If you haven’t already, do the Escape Room. You won’t regret it. escape room 2