Rockabilly Museum

IMG_0432Over Spring Break this year I went to stay with my husband in Jackson, TN. Let me tell you a little about Jackson. There is a good side and a bad side. We stayed at the Days Inn hotel on the not so good side. While staying there, I had seen some pretty crazy stuff. My husband is a welder and was working out of town, this is the reason why I had stayed in Jackson with him. On my last day, I googled things to do in Jackson. The first option to pop up was the Rockabilly Museum. 

I gave it some thought, and figured why not? The Rockabilly Museum was located in downtown Jackson. If you didn’t know Jackson is about 75 miles from our home in Memphis. There downtown was NOTHING like ours, but it was cute. The admission for the museum was $5. Inexpensive right? I was thinking the whole time this best not be a joke, since this is my last day in Jackson. I want to see something decent. I promise you that was the best 5 dollars I have ever spent. I was the only person at the museum that day. It was a good whopping 35 degrees out and the town was vacant. This elderly man owns the museum and greeted me at the door. He introduced himself as Harry Ford. He began by telling me the history of the museum and why he owns it. He also owns Harry Ford Toyota in Jackson. Mr. Harry Ford is a retired boxer, and owns the museum for his hobby. This man is a history book alone. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I spent the day with one of Elvis Presley’s managers and Johnny Cash’s child hood, school friend would you?IMG_0438

Well that’s right. Harry was at one point one of Elvis’s managers and Johnny’s friend. This man told Elvis Presley’s story, Johnny Cash, Brenda Lee, Carl Perkins, The Beatles and many other great country/rock musicians stories. ( Now known as Rockabilly music.)  It was almost emotional to take in all this information from this 82 year old wise guy. He had interviews with all of the musicians from that era. We watched them all.

IMG_0445 You guys I spent a full 6 hours at this museum. He taught me how to play Blue Suede Shoes on Carl Perkins actual guitar. I was so full of emotions at this wonderful adventure I had. I had access to information that I didn’t even know I was interested in knowing.

If you are ever in Jackson, TN or anywhere near the area, PLEASE stop and see Mr. Harry Ford. Hear his stories. See his museum. Sign the walls, this was one of the best experiences I have had and literally the best 5 dollars I have ever spent. I didn’t want to leave.



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