International Beer Day

Did you guys have any earthly idea that Friday, August 4 was International Beer Day?

I, the heck did not.

tennessee brewery

The Tennessee Brewery (located in Downtown Memphis)

This holiday celebrates the taste of beer and the success of beer brewers. I live in Memphis where one of the oldest brewery’s are located. It’s empty at the moment, but last summer they use to do a beer fest on Thursday nights with music and food. I only went once and it was actually pretty fun. They definitely spruced up the old, shack of a building.

International Beer Day was founded in 2007 by the Association of California Brewers. It began in Santa Cruz, California. It is observed in more than 50 countries alone, and is held annually on the first Friday in August. (Who knew my birthday month could be so exciting?) The three goals of the International Beer Day are:

  • Appreciate brewers from around the world.
  • Enjoy the taste of all beers from around the world.
  • To unite the world under the banner of beer.

Did you know on average, a can of beer contains 100-150 calories and 10-15g of carbohydrates? Not that bad right?

What are some of your favorite beers? Think about it, because Beer Day is a big day!

Mine is Michelob Ultra Lime. Sometimes Budweiser. I’m more of a whiskey girl.

Get out there and drink a beer August 4, this Friday. I know I will.

I work until beer o’ clock. – Stephen King