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17883743_1355807207776112_2937677067819147852_nAll I remember was the toothbrush falling from my younger sisters mouth that morning. It was literally one of the most hilarious moments ever.

It was early morning before school about 11 years ago and my mom use to have to stand over us while brushing our teeth. (I am now a registered, licensed, certified dental assistant in the state of TN and I am going to kill my kids if I have to MAKE them brush their teeth.)

Well we were just a brushing and my little sister had this one terrible, pet peeve that she could not stand. She absolutely despised when my brother and I would stare her down. For no given reason at all, we did it to aggravate her. Guess what we were doing while we were brushing our teeth? I think you know. She started screaming and complaining to my mom about how we were looking at her. (Let me mind you, it was like 6 am and my dad was still sleeping) My brother and I went out into the living room to put our shoes on and I wouldn’t be damned if my sister came out of the bathroom and called my brother and I ugly. My brother, I guess had finally had enough of my little sister’s horrendous attitude, now given we were aggravating her but that is besides the point. She always acted like that.

17202689_1323174074372759_5871153811539427018_nDo you know what a thin lined comb looks like? The one you comb your hair with? I’m sure you do. My brother had one in his hand, and stood about 6 feet away from my sister, who was now in the hallway still yelling and screaming at us. I’m telling you the funniest moment I had seen at the age of 12 was him throwing that comb at high speed at my 8 year old sisters face. I swear he hit her dead on. She had tiny comb marks all the way down her face diagonally, bleeding and all. It took everything in me not to cry out laughing until my dad came out and my brother got the worse spanking. And you know what else? My mean sister got to stay home for 2 days until her face started to heal. I’ve never had so much respect for my little brother. All I remembered was watching the comb make contact with her face and the toothbrush falling straight from her mouth.

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