Dirt on God (Dirt + Slam Poetry)

Dirt like the ground we walk on. 

God has nothing but forgotten 

everything we ever did, we sinned 

and stomped on God like the dirt we walk on. 

Love is unfathomable, like the human that emotionally visualizes 

ones life without impenetrable walls. It’s the actions that we set our foundation

upon, and we treat God like the dirt we walk on.

 We care and we tear apart the way we look and treat one another without

a thought of what God might want for us the mystifying human. 

If we took time and switched the sky with the ground, and didn’t walk on God like the dirt we walk on, love would take it’s time and we as humans would care and wouldn’t tear apart one another.

We set our foundation as God and just keep dirt, the dirt that we walk on. 

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