Feeling 22

IMG_281122 years of my life have gone by already. It’s almost creepy to think that I have lived on this earth for 22 years. I don’t know if anyone could imagine their life without me? That would be a hard thing to do. I’m planning on combining this blog with one of my best memories that I recently had this year. In March of this year (2017) I seen one of the best singers, and happens to be one of my idols, Stevie Nicks. I had the chills the entire time we were there and I couldn’t help myself from crying most of the show because I was so overwhelmed just by being there in her presence.

Stevie Nicks was my mom’s very first concert Fleetwood Mac In Concert - Anaheim, CAthat she went to when she was around 9 years old. I took her again, her second time seeing Stevie, this past March. I’m pretty sure she was feeling everything that I was feeling. This concert was amazing. There were no words to explain how great it was. I experienced so many emotions. Even when I hear her music now, I still never get tired of it. I grew up listening to her, watching my mom dance to her music and I even danced to Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide for my father/daughter dance at my wedding this past April and dedicated Dreams by Fleetwood Mac at my wedding to my mother. My parents were huge Californian Hippies when they were younger. We danced like the witchiness that Stevie Nick has, and you can only imagine the emotions when I hear these songs.

IMG_0362This year for my 22nd birthday, (tomorrow 8/7) my parents, my husband and my cousin all got together and made me the most thoughtful present I have ever received. They purchased a tambourine and made a replica of Stevie Nicks famous tambourine. They tied ribbons and strings to it and the best thing about it was, it can be customized to my liking’s. I cried pulling the gift out of the bag. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. This birthday was special for me. I’m finally loving myself and my family and my life more than ever and this gift has made that more prominent for me now, for some reason. I just wanted to express my gratitude and emotions by writing about my 22nd birthday party because of how overwhelming it has been.

I always remember one of her best saying’s every time I begin to get flustered; Rulers make bad lovers, you better put your kingdom up for sale. 

Don’t be that person. Be free, and live your life. 22 years have been good to me. Happy Birthday to myself.

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