Lysoling Kindergarten


My Kindergarten picture, 2000

Now that I’m grown up (turned 22 today) the smell of Lysol is a happy smell. Most people gag over the smell of Lysol.

Remember in Kindergarten when someone got sick and they threw some cat litter over it and then sprayed the heck out of Lysol to protect all the 5/6 year olds from germs? Yep.

I was at work today (yes I had to work on my


9 years old 2004

birthday) and I had instant flashback from a smell. That smell was Lysol. Our receptionist was sick. She left early and my co worker sprayed her entire work area with Lysol. I instantly smiled and called out, that I loved Lysol. They looked at me crazy. Now let me mention I am the youngest employee at the office, and only one of them had a clue about the Kindergarten Lysol.


8th grade, 13 years old. 2008 

This brought back so many memories of when I was 5 years old. Most people wouldn’t want a 5 year old getting sick and smelling Lysol as a memory, but that happened to be a good one because I realize I’m getting older and soon my kids will have memories like that. (When I have kids)

It was like a birthday epiphany. I can’t believe I


Senior 2013, 17 years old

remembered a certain smell from 17 years ago. Oh my God it feels so weird to say “17 years ago..”

I turned 22 today and had a birthday epiphany and it was awesome? Lol. I told my husband we were 18 years away from 40. But look how fast these 22 years have gone by? I remember being 5 years old and gagging over the smell of Lysol in a kindergarten classroom and now having a memory of that same scenario that brought back ecstatic memories for me.

IMG_2811Live every day, because it definitely goes by fast.

<– last day of being 21.

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