Skydiving Water

Have you ever been consumed by a smell? Have you actually ever smelled what earth smells like?

I wait weekly for the rain to come. It’s not the same as getting into the water in a pool, an ocean, a river, or a lake. Rain has its own type of different scent. You can almost feel the fog in your bones when it’s going to rain.

I feel connected to the smell. The water skydives from the sky and it’s almost like a freedom smell. It has this earthy tone. Like leaves and dirt mixed together.

It’s like when you were a child and you sat there making mud pies and you can literally smell the earth. That’s what smelling rain is.

Smelling rain is taking in the entire surrounding around you. You feel the drop of the water, and the skin rippling underneath the water. Your nose tickling from the rain drop and the aroma filling your nostrils with this scent like it just fell from the outside of earth. Like earth radiates this smell.

That’s what smelling rain is for me.  It’s like getting down on the ground under a car, when something goes wrong and smelling the concrete. It never smells bad does it? 

No. Because it smells fresh and dewy. It smells like rain drops that have already been soaked into the ground. 

Can’t you tell I’m obsessed with Earth and the smell that God created? 

Next time it rains, go outside and sit there. Take in the scent. Let your breath fall long, and pause and smell the outside world. There is a lot more to life than complaining about the rain. 

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