Holy Sunday

Scripture; Luke 5:39 says

No one after drinking old wine wants the new, for he says, “The old is good enough.”

IMG_2618My husband is my best friend. I met him about 12 years ago, when were were in like 4th grade together. We were always friends up until our senior year of high school. I knew when I entered that relationship that it was all I ever would want. At the moment, nothing to me seemed like it would be better. He was and is now a great guy. He was hard working and motivated to do things. He almost knew what he wanted. He was very grown up for 18. I never had a boyfriend that treated me so well. Now given, two 18 year old’s making moves together seems a little young but It was what we did. We did bicker, and we did go through some pretty big fights. There were times when I thought it was over and I was just standing still in time. I had given up on my dreams and stopped going to school my second year of college. He motivated me, he helped me find my faith again. If I ever explained it this way to him, he’d probably laugh. He’s not that big into the affection part, he feels like he IMG_2200has to be the hardest all the time with his feelings. The feelings have been defined and he’s my best friend more than anything. We got married 4 in a half years later. Our wedding date was April, 15 2017. 

The old is good enough. Luke 5:39 explains it so well. I believe so many people go looking for happiness when in reality it’s right there in front of them. You have to reason with yourself, break it down. Process the situation and put aside the negative.

I don’t think that God wants you to go on a man hunt for something that isn’t there that shouldn’t be relevant in your life. I think he wants you to take time within yourself and find what really makes you happy about that person. I owe a lot to God on sticking this man in my life. I don’t know what kind of path I would be on if I didn’t have him in my life. When you really, truly find happiness you don’t go looking for new. You improve the old and you keep working till you reach full peak of happiness. I love this man, and we are growing together. This is my new. Every day is a new day with him. 

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