A Storm Brewing

Brewing like coffee on a cold, dark day. It is spinning around and around at a fast pace. 

It only comes with a change of pace, and when the clouds mix the sun and the rain. 

The waves rip through the feelings of the sand beneath our feet and down we go into the eye of the hurricane. 

The smoke fills our lungs like the wind ripping through the beach. 

And the lungs begin to blacken and rot between the veins. Death is a scary thing, but to be alone in a grave because of the hurricane.

The rain kept coming and coming fast and hard. It pelted the body like a chisel, chipping away life one piece at a time. 

The storm is calming for ones body, and the hurricane cannot destroy no more. It has stolen the life of a soul and now it leaves peacefully within the shores. 

No one can understand while a hurricane brews so hard, it comes so quick with terrible intentions. 

The body is tired from fighting the storm, it cannot clean itself up anymore.

So down it goes into the earths core, and the light shines bright with an open door. 


Rest in Peace: Richard, you will be missed. Cancer sucks.

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