Daylight Stress Trance

My body is numb. My mind is brainless, filled with clouds of senseless thoughts. My face is stuck in a upheavled way, with wrinkles creasing my forehead.

Zonked. Completely zoned. You can tunnel something in front of you, but everything beside you is blurry.

I’m sleepy. I’m in a trance. A daylight trance. My body feels at peace. I feel as if I were to move it, it would begin to shatter. And I would come back to reality only to be disappointed. Because for once, I felt extreme peace.

If only I could feel this peace before bed time. It’s like I could tunnel sleep and only sleep and everything else would be a blur.

But you can’t escape from your problems, and the trance only makes it worse. The trance makes you imagine you are already feeling peace without confronting what’s really in front of you.

Thats why it’s a disappointment coming out of a trance. Because for once, I mean for once you literally felt at peace.

I think peace is impossible to reach.

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