Faith Moves Mountains

Do you ever just wonder why me? Why do these things happen to me? I was reading my scripture for the day when I came across this verse in Psalms, that really struck me. 

Psalm 9:10—-

Those who know Your name trust in You because You have not abandoned those who seek You, Lord. 

This has got to be one of the hardest things for me, when it comes to worshiping God. 

If something terrible happens to me, I am left to thinking why does God let these things happen? If it hurts me, doesn’t he care that I am hurting? Why can’t he fix this problem?

Ah. The classic blame on God. We are all guilty of it. 

Sometimes you believe and believe and pray and pray until you just can’t anymore. And then boom! A miracle happens. That’s how we want to think of it anyway, right? Well sometimes it isn’t like that. We go through horrible things and situations to hopefully choose a path at the end that will make it all better. Everything happens for a reason. You have to put all your faith and trust in the Lord, that he provides you an open door at the end, that might be better than what you were crying over before. 

He has never abandoned you in dark times, because maybe he is paving another path for you to choose that will have a better outcome on your life. 

Never lose faith and trust in the Lord. Everything happens for a reason. He knows what we need before we need it. There is always speed bumps, but sometimes you hit them to fast and pray you don’t break an axle or pop a tire. Slow down, pray to the Lord, and wait for your new path to open up. 


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