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IMG_3403Labor Day weekend/week, I am spending it with my grandmother in Indiana. 

If I had to choose anywhere in the world to live, I am 99.9% sure it would be this place. 

It is absolutely beautiful here. It’s so peaceful. It’s like you want to be bored so you can soak in the beauty of the place. 

My grandma lives on a farm in Bristol. About 15 minutes from the Michigan/ Indiana state line. 

As some of you that follow my blog know that I reside in Memphis, TN. It’s a pretty big, major city. So when I come to very small town like this, it’s almost like paradise. Just to get away from the noise, the traffic, the crime, work, and just southern people in general. They are so nice, it’s like they say the f word nicely too. 

I’m basically allergic to Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. Anytime I IMG_3405.JPGpass any of  those state lines, my nose starts to run, my eyes itch, my throat hurts, I’m sneezing. I’ve lived on the TN/MS state line my whole life. So when I come up North, I’ts definitely a breath of fresh air. Seriously, the heat in the south is like opening a hot ass oven, and it smothering you like a hot towel out of the dryer. So believe me when I say breath of fresh air. 

I can almost reset myself by coming here. I feel like I could zone out for hours, and not feel bad about missing anything. Because there is literally nothing going on to miss. I can drink as much coffee as I want, I can blog as much as I want, I can eat without thinking “I don’t need to be eating this,” I can nap ALL day LONG!!!!!!!

Ya’ll this is life. Today was our first full day here, and we haven’t done anything. My sister and I, gave each other make overs. We did makeup, painted our finger and toe nails, drank iced coffee, watched football, took 2 naps, and modeled pictures we took ourselves around the farm. Now we are going to take a unnecessary trip to Walmart for junk food and watch movies probably all night and shoot my hubby a one and only goodnight text. 

I’m in paradise.

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