I Cared.


I cared. I cared so much about you. I just didn’t express it as much as you would have wanted me too. 

Sometimes I blame myself, and start guessing all the things that I and our friends could have done differently to see that you really needed help. 

When we got you that job and you shot it down. When you didn’t show up for work, and made us go out on man hunts. Was there something we could have done? 

You made a temporary problem into a permanent solution. Why’d you have to go?

I promise you I cared. Nothing can ever take away this pain, as we approach National Suicide Awareness Day. 

I think about you every day, not just during September days. You were unique in your own way, and we thought maybe, just maybe he will be sober enough to see the light of day. 

To see that you were perfect in your own kinda way. That you didn’t have to go this way. 

I guess the saying really is right, when they say treat everybody nice. Always make sure you keep them in mind. You never know what darkness gets in past the light. 

I loved you, as you were a second brother of mine. Of course my blood brother has a tougher time, as you were his best friend and brother at the time. You will always linger here in our lives and around our hearts. 

Cliche to say now that you’re gone, but it’s true. There isn’t much we can do now, but live on your memories and bask in your many different souls. 

We love you Adam, and we hated to see you go. I wish you were still here, filling the world with your music and words. You are legal now, and I wish we could share a beer. It was one of your favorite things. 

So I will sit right here, and drink this beer. And think about your precious soul. 

I miss you Adam, may you live forever without demons covering your soul. 


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  1. N

    September 11, 2017 at 1:55 am

    I miss him more everyday.

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