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IMG_3281So this past week I went to Indiana to visit with my grandmother. The first day I blogged about, settling in and just kind of hanging out. 

The next couple days went by so FAST. Ya’ll this is a really great town to come and visit in. It’s a tiny Amish community, now the Amish people aren’t all that nice, they really just keep to themselves and don’t really like to talk to you. It’s almost awkward. But the beauty of the town, and the peacefulness is enough to draw one in, especially if you are one of those people that appreciate nature. 

Our second day there, (Sunday) we attended The IMG_3442Blueberry Festival. Now living down south I thought we would have had a Blueberry Festival by now. But surprisingly we do not. Now there country is a little bit different from our kinda country. It was like going to a delta fair. Now given they had blueberry donuts, blueberry pie, blueberry etc…  it was more like a delta fair and flea market put together. It was still so much fun though. We made sure to make it on time to watch the dog show. I have never seen a dog show. It was incredible. It was more of a family type dog show, so it wasn’t as serious as a real one would have been, but these dogs were so cute! They all performed so well! I was extremely impressed. We spent the rest of the festival checking out vendors and different booths. We rode a  few rides, and watched the firework show at the end. It really was money and time well spent. 

IMG_3432Our third day there, we gave my grandma’s horses a bath. I told my husband when we finally buy our own land we are going to own at least one horse. (He doesn’t like horses because he got kicked by one in the hip when he was younger.) I love horses though, and most of the time I get my way! Hahaha. 

Our fourth day there we just hung out, and on our fifth day 6C6C2C47-CB8B-4EE7-A5C8-321ED989822Bthere we went to the Shipshewana Flea Market. Shipsy is a Amish town, and has tons of tiny shops and meat and cheese markets. We make it a MUST to go to the meat and cheese factory when we go on vacation to visit my grandma. The flea market happens to be one of the biggest in the United States. I want to say like the 3rd or 4th biggest, maybe? I spent to much money there, of course. We of course went to the meat and cheese factory after where I spent way to much money on beef jerky and cheese for my family and husband. Our last full day there, we just relaxed and made jewelry and spent the rest of our precious time with my grandma. 

IMG_3562I absolutely love going there, and I see it as a potential home front for my husband and I. I don’t know if I would be able to survive in a small town like that, when I’m coming from living in a huge city my whole life (Memphis) but I would be willing to try. 

The morning we left, we made a detour and drove a little further North to Michigan City, IN (basically on the state line) to see Lake Michigan. It literally looks like a huge ocean, and it is breathtakingly beautiful. We could even see the Chicago skyline on the other side of it. It really was a sight to see. I hope to go back in the summer and sit on the beaches of Lake Michigan and soak in its beauty. Even in the fall, the lake was stunning. 

So, I guess its safe to say that this place is my safe haven. It’s the first place to pop into myIMG_3531 mind when someone says vacation. If you ever want peace, quiet, and farm land PLEASE consider Bristol, or Elkhart or Michigan City, Indiana. 

You won’t regret it. 

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