Sun Choices 

If the sun chose our color based on our wrongs, we would judge each other correctly. Even though judgement is the only thing God should be able to do. 

Black, white, yellow, orange, red, even rainbow. Our skin sheds every day, and new cells begin to grow. 

Our skin tone changes when the sun touches us. Why are we quick to judge by skin tones when they change more frequently than our minds?

If we judged people by their wrongs, instead of skin color maybe we could bring justice to the crooked system we grow and live in today. 

Not a single one of us, hardly lived during that terrible time of slavery. 

We don’t get to tear down things that weren’t made by our people. It’s called destruction of ones property. We break laws because we feel obligated to that right. 

Why have laws if we get to break them? 

If the sun tanned people a color based on their wrongs, we could see more clearly we have to work on ourselves before we can work on a whole world and another ones mistakes. 

Stop judging people by their skin tone when they shed those skin cells every day, it’s inaccurate and we all bleed red blood.