3 Parents

Do you remember when you had little league games, hobbies, and school events and your mom and dad most likely came to all of them? When your parents use to take part in the school staff and still make it home with you after school, not to mention working a full time job and still cook dinner and help you bathe? Yeah. Super parents, right? When you were sick and for some reason when your mom use to rub your head, back, or belly and suddenly it would go away? Running to your parents bed, because of a nightmare? 

We did these things, because we were scared and hurting, or happy, encouraged and cheered on by a set of parents that love us more than life itself. 

You know who else died for us, without a question? Who else loved us more than life itself? God. No I don’t normally come right out with stuff like this. But, it’s true. He died for us. 

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.  —–Zephaniah 3:17 

He wants you to accept that fact. To accept the fact that he died for you also. He created that wonderful set of parents that love you. He created you. And if it wasn’t for him, nor your parents you and I wouldn’t be here right now. The Lord wants us to move and grown with him. To live the purest life possible, to live by his words. He wants to live through us, and he accepts us for who we are. He forgives us of our sins and I couldn’t think of anyone else other than him to add to my people I’d die for list.

You want a ride or die person? God.

You want a bestie to have a sleep over with and deep conversation all night? God. 

You want someone to indulge your secrets in? God. 

You want to pray for someone else’s problems, in “hopes” that they will get better? God. 

All you gotta do is start talking to him, I swear he will listen. I talk to him all day long. I don’t even know if he can fix stupid though. Lets just say, he is one of my day one’s. 

When I need a answer to something, I don’t understand I look to him for guidance. Some how he always reveals an answer to me or a path. I just can’t explain the feeling. 

All I’m saying is you should consider it. There is no friendship like the one you will have with the parent upstairs. But, if it is anything like the one faithful one I have with him;

I promise you will be satisfied. 

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