Land Fall Thunderstorms

Grounded, but falling you let go and float.

When your feet are on the ground but the rain is pelting your heart. 

When the rain hits your skin, you can feel a million vibrations of the bead bouncing off your flesh.

Your heart beats as loud as thunder. Knocking on the door of your chest. Sit back and rest. 

Stretch your toes and feel the water running underneath your soles. 

Why is it on Earth we feel as if we are on a constant downfall? We can’t go down from here, we can only go up. 

Fight against the storm. The rain coming down on you is only temporary. 

The thunder is roaring just like you are. When the thunderstorm goes, the sun comes. 

Sometimes the sun has a bad day and the thunderstorm is a way out. 

Cry and let it out. The storm will go, and the clouds will pass. 

Be the light in the thunderstorm days. 

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