Health and Beauty Tip Week 2/ Safe Eye Makeup

Safe Eye Makeup? 

One thing eye makeup shouldn’t do is harm the eyes! Each year women suffer from eye infections due to cosmetics. Have you ever had a sty on your eye? That crap hurts! The whole eye swells up and it feels like death. And you know the most annoying thing, is when your eye starts watering. We don’t have time for that. 

Most of the time when you buy a product, it hasn’t been used yet, which means it is free of bacteria. 

Infections happen when they aren’t properly used or preserved. Bacteria can grow and multiply within the product. 

The FDA urges you to follow a few tips when you choose to use eye cosmetics.

  1. Discontinue any kind of use of the product if it creates an infection. 
  2. Always wash your hands before and after applying the makeup to your eyes.
  3. Make sure any thing you place in the eye or near the eye is clean. THAT MEANS CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES!!! 
  4. Do not let cosmetics become dirty with dust, dirt, or soil. 
  5. Do not use old containers. Just purchase a new one, you guys. 
  6. Do no spit into eye makeup. 
  7. Do not share your cosmetics!!
  8. DO NOT LEAVE IN HOT CAR. (Ya’ll I am so guilty of this..)
  9. Don’t use, why you have a current infection. 
  10. Always check ingredients. Your eyes are sensitive. 
  11. When applying or removing be careful not to scratch the eye ball. 


Beginners Guide to shaping the perfect brow:

According to The Complete Beauty Bible, here are some steps for shaping a perfect brow;

Whether you use them or not, this might be good for beginners.

  1. Before you start tweezing, use a lip or brow pencil to draw to the shape you want. 
  2. Once the shape is drawn on, tweeze any hairs that fall outside the line of your shape you have drawn. 
  3. Brush the brows straight up with an old toothbrush. Any hairs that are too long and floppy need to be trimmed with small scissors. If you tweeze hairs that are to long it could result in gaps or patches in the eye brows. 
  4. To keep brows in shape, smooth the hairs with a brow brush and brow gel or clear mascara. 
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