Bestfriend Anxiety

She doesn’t even knock, she just marches right in. 

Constantly poking me; “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you.”

2 millimeters from my brain, she travels the nerve endings looking for my pains. 

She dances on my nerves until they start to glow like the break it down dance game. 

” I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you.”

But you are. You are touching my life in negative ways.

You are always there but in a bad way. 

When you dance on my nerves, you make my blood boil faster. 

The faster my blood boils, the faster my heart starts to skip beats. 

The beats are so sick and they jam to hard. My breathing begins to rapidly incline, and there you are dancing down my spine. 

I can feel each nerve ending blasting away, as my hands and feet feeling begin to wear away. 

I know this isn’t real, we are not friends. You are unwanted, and your dances are bad. 

You suck at everything including bringing me down, I can’t feel your feet anymore. 

My dance floor is closing now. My blood begins to draw back like waves backing away slowly with the breeze.

You can no longer play in this club, unwanted and banned forever from this blood.

You are done, please go away. 

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