Health and Beauty Tip Week 3

Health/Beauty Tips

Exfoliating Skin

Exfoliation is essential for skin health and most skin types can benefit from exfoliation. Most skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin, blackheads, acne, sun- damaged skin, flaky skin, or a rough surface texture can be handled by exfoliation. Exfoliation consists of shedding dead skin cells.Just fair warning if you have skin disease or disorders such as rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, or seborrhea need to be cautious with using certain exfoliating products.


Exfoliating Oily Skin

Sometimes if you are people, (like me) that have REALLY oily skin, your oil glands could produce to much sebum. Sebum is a soft wax that should liquefy when it reaches the surface of the pore, spreading a thin, imperceptible protective layer over the skin. Sometimes to much can be produced and it can clog pores and blemishes and blackheads can occur. The liquefying can become backed up, causing these problems. The pore is an exit path for the oil, so when it get clogged that can result with blackheads or blemishes. Using an exfoliates can keep the normal flow of oil coming, so that nothing gets backed up.


Exfoliating Dry Skin  

Skin can be dry for many reasons, including lack of moisture, a buildup of dead skin cells that don’t easily shed, and abnormal skin cells that adhere together in a that prevents normal exfoliation and normal moisture retention.

Dry looking skin can also be caused by moisturizers that are too emollient and hold dead skin cells in place preventing healthy shedding. When this happens the surface of the skin feels greasy, or moist and the underlying layer feels dry. When you help dry skin shed dried up dead skin cells, it can make room for plumper, less dry skin cells to come to the surface. Which makes the skin look fresher and more moisturized. For dry skin it is helpful to remove dead skin cells to reduce the chance of pores becoming clogged and creating blackheads and whiteheads.

What kind to use?

This book/ article that I read from recommends plain ole baking soda, or baking soda mixed with Cetaphil Cleanser.

To much exfoliation can be a bad thing. Be gentle. The real question still is how to be gentle, when it comes to the skin?



Reference: the Complete Beauty Bible by Paula Begoun

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