Health and Beauty Tip Week 4

Skin aging and Wrinkles 

Skin all by itself, age in many different ways. Adding one plant extract or a vitamin to the skin won’t address what is needed to deal with the issues for slowing down the aging process. So many things such as sun damage, pollution, free-radical damage, smoking, genetically predetermined cell cessation, chronological aging, hormone depletion, immune suppression all make what we call aged skin. It is a combination of all these things taking place.

Most wrinkle and anti aging creams only slap and add money and time onto a house that only has cross beams with no support beams. The point of all of this is that growing old cannot be reversed. It’s in our DNA.

Dry Skin Doesn’t Cause Wrinkles 

How do we know dry skin and wrinkles are not associated? Because after slathering on tons of moisturizers and wrinkle creams and lotions over the years, women still get lots of wrinkles regardless of their skin type. The problem is dry skin does look more wrinkled. And slapping a moisturizer on top only makes the wrinkles look better. Women with oily skin have a more smooth appearance.

Facial Exercises

People will try anything at this point to take decades even just 5 years of aging off their skin. For the most part, facial exercises of any kind are more likely a problem for skin than a help. Facial exercises can have little to no benefit because of loss of muscle tone is barely involved in these at all. The skins sagging and drooping and most every facial wrinkle is caused by four major factors.

  1. Deteriorated collagen and elastin (due primarily to sun damage)
  2. Depletion of the skins fat layer (a factor of genetic aging and gravity)
  3. Repetitive facial movement (particularly true for the forehead frown lines and for smile lines from the nose to the mouth)
  4. Muscle sagging due to the loosening of facial ligaments that hold the muscles in place.

The facial exercises only make the lines appear more lined.


The key point of this health and beauty tip is to educate you on the factors of why skin ages. Its a part of life, and quite frankly something you can’t fix with lotions and creams. Although using some type of moisturizer is actually good for your skin, make sure you are using the right kind, and check out last weeks beauty tip from week 3 to learn how you should be exfoliating certain skin types the correct way. 



Reference: the Complete Beauty Bible by Paula Begoun

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