Oh Hubby, hubby!

A wicked man’s iniquities entrap him; he is entangled in the ropes of his own sin. He will die because there is no instruction, and be lost because of his great stupidity. — Proverbs 5:22-23 

I write about my husband a lot because he is my best friend and soul mate in one. Most people long to have that. I tell you now it wasn’t always a easy, yellow brick road that you just followed to success. Proverbs is literally my favorite book in the Bible. It basically tells you how it is. It doesn’t lie, it just drops the straight up truth on you. 

I’m going to break this verse down the best way I know how. The way I think of what it might mean. You guys know I like to do this a lot. Men are simple. They normally only have 2-3 thoughts on their minds. As for us women, we have about 20 thoughts going every hour. Maybe even more. We tend to be worried and scattered brained all the time. Men, well they just don’t care most of the time and they have ego’s the size of the earth. 

Now lets get this straight. This verse pertains to my husband but it does not. I was extremely blessed with a wonderful husband that provides and takes care of me. He makes me laugh, and all the cliché stuff ya know? I look at him almost 90% of the time and think oh my gosh I love this man, there can’t possibly be another great husband like him. (The other 10% I’m ready to strangle him, but mostly for missing the laundry basket with his clothes; all women should feel my pain with that one.) But truth be told, I think he’d be a little lost without me. In fact I feel very confident in writing that. I know he would be lost without me. He’s a man. Yes he can do so many things independently but most men need that super strong women to hold them together. Like I said, this blog entry really doesn’t have all that much to do with my husband. It’s an added addition to help you understand. He’s great. I fall more in love with him every day!

Now this is what I have learned over the years. If one thing isn’t true in this blog, this has to be; women overcomplicate things, but men are rude. When a man gets bored, he goes looking elsewhere. It’s not the women’s fault. The man has a attention span of a fly but has no thoughts. Remember that. Women on the other hand their attention span is WAY to much. We notice everything. A tone, a pen drop, we ask dumb questions like, “Why are you being so quiet?” We ask what’s wrong like 10 gazillion times. It’s to much for the male species sometimes. Then they become rude. 

But that does not give them the right (women also) to go else where and be promiscuous. And you know what the hardest part about this problem is? Literally the hardest part. Trying to convince; especially a woman, that it isn’t her fault 99.9% of the time. 

LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE! If he has the audacity to go elsewhere on you, I’m telling you they don’t have more than 3 thoughts at a time, and if you aren’t one of them, it’s time for you to GO!  Find someone that puts you in there top 3 thoughts. 

Let me tell you exactly what my husbands three thoughts are. 

1. Truck Parts 

2. Truck Parts (maybe what’s for dinner?)

3. His Wife 

As long as I’m in the top three, I know I am a priority! 

Women, if you aren’t in the top three it’s time to go. Stop crying over that man. Maybe we as women should only have 3 thoughts at one time. It would make our lives easier, but it’s just not in our DNA. 

If you can’t be your man’s set of instructions, you need to find a new set. The man never reads the instructions anyway, but YOU DO. Find the right qualities and parts and find you a better man. The right one will come along and you won’t need that instruction list anymore. 



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