Be a light for all to see. — Matthew 5:16

When I read this bible verse, the first thought that comes to my mind is be quiet and listen. Be polite. Choose your battles. 

• Be quiet and listen:: Sometimes we don’t think before we speak. This is one of my biggest problems. A lot of my temper tantrums stem from freaking out and not taking a deep breath first. Listen, so you can respond accordingly. 

• Be polite:: Somebody is always watching. Whether you are in the grocery store, work, your kids, people are always watching. THE moment you snap an attitude, you are gonna ruin someone else’s day. And it might not even be the person you have the attitude with. Be polite. Kill them with kindness. Sometimes it’s just not worth the worry lines. 

• Choose your battles:: So many times I forget to ask myself, “is this fight worth it?” If I did I would have solved a ton of my issues a long time ago. Save your breath, you won’t get it back. Just relax, think before you respond, be kind, and then pick if the battle is worth fighting. 

I believe a lot of the worlds problems today stem from these three bullet points. If there is always a reminder I know, that I can be the light in my own life. I choose to be happy. I choose to end the useless battle. I choose to be kind. You can too. 

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