Friends-Giving Cranberry Sauce

Now normally my family just buys the normal cranberry sauce in the can, which is good. Like really good.

This is the first year that I’ve had to cook for anyone. We are having a friends-giving today, which I’m really ecstatic about. I’ve never had one, and now my husband and I have close friends now that we can do this with. I think it’s healthy because a lot of people these days have drama filled lives and some friends have unhealthy relationships when you bring things like, drama, drugs, relationships, attitudes, and every day life into them. But I do believe there is something really healthy about being adults that gather around a dinner table with people who are not family but are well on the way to be because you respect each other. Plus it’s really fun!

This year my husband and I were in charge of making the turkey, ham, greens, and cranberry sauce. We went to Kroger the day before and bought all the stuff and I kept mentioning we need to remember to go down the can aisle so I can get cranberry sauce. My husband was like “Marie what are you talking about, we are making homemade cranberry sauce. We ain’t buying no canned shit” I was like dude. I don’t know how to make homemade cranberry sauce. He told me we would figure it out. So I looked it up. (Cause I’m a Pinterest girl). I found one I liked that seemed super easy and let me tell you folks now.. THAT SHIT SMELLS SO GOOD! It’s on the stove right now as we type/read.

I can’t WAIT to whip this stuff out later and show my friends at the masterpiece of cranberry sauce I done made.

I’m going to type below the ingredients I used and how to make it. Literally takes 5 minutes to put together. And honestly I didn’t follow the ladies blog thingy that she used like.. “use 3/4 cup of sugar.” I just eye balled it.


You will need:


Orange juice






Combine in a medium sauce pan water, orange juice, sugar. Let it boil and then add cinnamon, cranberries, and salt. Stir really well. Cover and then let it simmer. Once all the cranberries have popped, stir well again and then let chill for a few hours.


Mine started boiling over and I went to lift the lid and got a whiff and was like OMG I need to share this with EVERY ONE!

Let me know if you guys try it and how it tastes to you!

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