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Every couple months or so I make the 9 hour trek from Memphis to see my grandma in Indiana. Now I’m by far the biggest southerner, along with my husband who has me beat by a long shot. Let me just make three points about Northern Indiana. It’s cold, like a super dry cold, the people are a different breed, and did I mention it’s really cold? I believe the last time I was in Bristol during the winter time, I was like 12. I’m 23 now, so almost 11 years ago. Normally I go during the spring or summer time. But I’m not even going to lie about how beautiful it was.

Photoshoot 3.jpgMy grandma’s house is wear I go to relax. There really isn’t much to do there. She lives in a tiny town named Bristol and it’s right outside of a few Amish towns and 4 miles from the Michigan state line. During this blog, I’m going to give you a few things to do if you ever find yourself up that way and don’t feel like being cooped up on a farm. My grandma lives on a farm and she has horses and chickens. The farm is absolutely gorgeous and serene, and I don’t mind being cooped up all day in her sunroom doing completely nothing.

First things first, you got to go check out Yoders Meat and Cheese Factory. It’s a small family owned store, and they sell beef jerky and cheese straight off of their farm animals. IT IS SO GOOD! Its got the best beef jerky and cheese, they also got a lot of candy they made from the dairy products on the farm and some local honey, tea, and coffee. It’s located in Shipshewana, IN. There is a few other places in Shipshewana that you might want to check out. Such as their E and S Bulk Sales which is also family owned, but they carry big bulks of cooking supplies that you would normally see in a farm setting, candy made from products of the farm, and other things such as local honey, cheeses, and coconut oils or Shipshewana Flea Market, (which is mainly open in the summer time). The Flea Market is HUGE! At least 2 acres of just booths and stuff that you can look at and buy for super cheap. All of these places are located on South Van Buren street in downtown Shipshewana.

IMG-0664.JPGNext place I’m going to name would be a little bit of a drive, and is located about an hour and 15 minutes from Bristol. Go see and check out Lake Michigan! There are a few different spots that you can go to, but my favorite spot which is normally deserted, would be a location called Beverly Shores, which is east of the Indiana Dunes National State Park. Hell, go on and check out the National Park, it will take you to the shore line also! I just like the Beverly Shores location cause it’s normally empty, and you can see the Chicago skyline really well on a clear day! Lake Michigan is one of the 5 great lakes that the United States has, and it’s so gorgeous. It Mexicanalooks like an actual ocean. I highly recommend coming and checking it out. Beverly Shores is located in Michigan City, IN. Also if you get hungry out this way, you can stop at this little hole in the wall named Haro’s Super Mercado. It’s a little Mexican super market and Mexican restaurant with REAL, AUTHENTIC harossupermarketMexican food. I had the three tamales, with rice and beans and my husband had the carne tortas.


There are a few other places that I recommend that you go and check out. The Bonnie Mills Farm, The Old Bag Factory, and The University of Notre Dame is a few others. The Bonnie Mills Farm is located in Bristol and is a big park that shows the history of the wind mills, it’s pretty neat and a beautiful, fun park.  The Old Bag Factory is located in Goshen, IN I believe and it has a few unique stores to shop in and a few tiny little eatery’s. The University of Notre Dame is a gorgeous campus and why not go see the gold cathedral? Makes for a great photo, and I’m sure you can find somewhere good to eat in the college town of South Bend.

Then of course, you are always 2 hours from Chicago one way and 2 hours from Detroit the other way, so you can definitely find something to do.

This past week has been nothing but fun, relaxation and I enjoy that so thoroughly considering all the crap I have to do when I get back home to Memphis. But I will admit that I am ready to get back to warmer weather, even if it is only a few degrees. The weather up in Indiana is just so much more drier and colder. At home, it’s just chilly and humid. The people are also a little more nicer down South. So thank you, Indiana and grandmas house for giving me a get away.

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