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Foreplay can play a huge roll when it comes to sex. We all know it. 

In reality, we know most women need to give themselves enough time for vaginal expansion and lubricating. By statistics, women properly need 10-15 minutes of foreplay to reach arousal. Based on some statistics, they say only 30% of women reach orgasm without foreplay during sexual intercourse. Even men need foreplay so the blood can flow properly to their genitals. 

Ideas for foreplay that Pure Romance offers-

  1. Senses. Blindfolds, handcuffs, you name it. It is a proven fact that when you take away one of the senses all the others heighten!
  2. Submission and kink. Whips, crops, teasers, and spanking. (our handcuffs serve as a paddle also)
  3. Massage! We have TONS of massage items. My favorite is our Hot Heart Massager. It’s AMAZING! 
  4. Dirty talk. Have you ever seen our Date Night cards? They practically tell you what to do! 
  5. Oral Sex or Masturbation! We offer tons of things along the lines of oral or masturbation. A few include, our Euforia enhancement gel, great head (helps with gag reflex) or any of our flavored lubricants! The best in my opinion would be our whipped lubricant, which also puts a coating over the mouth and throat to help with taste! The stuff taste amazing. 
  6. Lingerie! Girl let him undress you with those eyes!
  7. Toys. YES couples can use toys TOGETHER! Experiment around and see what works best for you and your partner. Pure Romance offers so many different kinds!

Foreplay also extends the life of sex. You have some sex that might only last a minute, or it might last hours! Depending on your sex life, foreplay can add at least an extra 20 minutes to that time. Statistics say that women actually prefer foreplay than the actual deed itself! 

Tips and tricks: (Based on statistics from factretriever.com)

  • One of the most powerful nerves in the body is at the top of the inner thigh where the ilioinguinal nerve lies. Because it is incredibly sensitive, touching it during foreplay indirectly stimulates the genitals.
  • Foreplay is not just about bodies. A person can create a more sensual experience by arranging a home or an apartment with sensual colors, flowers, candles, and music.
  • Food! They say food like chocolate can have a better outcome when it comes to sex.

Take the time to foreplay folks! You don’t know what you are missing out on! Take time to get to know your partner, it will only make it that much better in the end. 

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