G-Spot, Theory or Truth?

g spotWhen I started listening to this podcast about a week ago, I literally was like Oh shit. I really honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. As a sex educator for Pure Romance that is what we thrive on, “empowering and educating women on sexual health”. At every party we try to go through all the statistics and laying it all out there for you so you know you aren’t alone in situations such as these. If you have never heard of the g-spot then you are in for a surprise. Some say it’s a very magical button on the back side of the clitoris that is located about a 1/2 inch behind and you should be able to reach it with the “come here” motion of the fingers. 

The name G-Spot is short for Grafenberg spot. He was the first man to describe it in a surgical journal in 1944. The particular podcast that I listened to was by Science Vs and was name The G-Spot. It was mainly about this 1981 study done by two women in particular, Perry and Whipple did a study where they tested 47 women for the g-spot but none confirming orgasm! Basically is about these women scientists and nurse that went on the hunt for the g-spot. 

In reality, they concluded the g-spot doesn’t really exist and that EVERY women’s vagina Female Anatomy G Spot If You Build It She Will Comeand clitoris is different. They mentioned that the g-spot could just be a engorged/enlarged clitoris. The clitoris that we see and stimulate on the outside (80% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm) is actually way smaller to the way it flows through our inside. This picture to the right is a representation of where the “supposed g-spot is suppose to sit”. 

Any who the whole point of this blog is to tell you, my MIND WAS BLOWN WHEN I HEARD THAT THE GSPOT REALLY DOESN’T EXIST, (according to studies) anyway. This is something I will definitely be talking about with future customers, clients, patients, and at my parties. PLEASE if you ever have the time please, please, please, listen to this podcast! You will not waste your time. It’s short also, at about 45 minutes. I was able to listen to it in my car on the way to work, and on the way home. It is something I will definitely be listening to in the future again!

Here is the link to the podcast for the online. I was listening to it on my iPhone, but whatever works best for you!

G-Spot Podcast Science VS

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