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IMG_4522I NEVER knew we had a great hiking place so close to Memphis. If I would have known that, I would have been hiking here years ago.

I’m talking about Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Little Rock, AR. Memphis is about as flat as they come, but you drive 2 hours west to LR and its like you have tiny little Ozark hills that resemble mountains! Pinnacle Mountain State Park is located Northeast of Little Rock in Roland, AR. It sits around the Maumelle River and has over 15 miles of trails, including 7 miles of challenging mountain bike trails. IMG_4507

This blog post is going to be kind of short, I just want to show you and tell you about this awesome place that is REALLY close to Memphis, so if you are ever in the LR area, in AR PLEASE HIKE THIS MOUNTAIN! You won’t regret it.

They tell you to plan for at least 1-1:45 min to hike up and back down again. Last year when my sister and I did it, it took us right at that time to hike it up and down. When I went this year, I took two of my best friends and it took us about 2 hours and 15 minutes! IMG_4545(Also tip, you might want to wear hiking boots, I learned my lesson the first year, and got smart the second year.) Enjoy the pictures that go along with the tiny blog!


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