Announcing Baby Ramey

IMG_5869My other two posts about baby boy are private at the moment, but here we are in our 4th month! We are 17 weeks on Friday. I can’t tell you how happy and in love I am with this little guy already. My husband grows more ecstatic and excited by the day.

We announced the sex of our baby at 14 weeks. I wanted to wait until our 20 week anatomy scan but it was literally eating me alive and I was SO convinced we were having a baby girl. I was so nauseous the first 13 weeks. I wanted to know so bad, because I wanted to grow my connection more with this baby than I already had. We have this place called the bump studio that my doctor actually referred me too. The Bump Studio is a small blessing in disguise. It has a few ultrasound techs that run the ultrasounds and their prices are extrememly reasonable. This place is great for your low income women who need ultrasounds, or people like me that are worry worts and don’t mind paying extra along with doctor fees to see their baby because you want to know how and what they are doing down their in the womb. Now given they can’t tell you if something is wrong or IMG_5738diagnose you, but it does give you a peace of mind when you go and see your little squirt moving around and the heartbeat. They print you out a ton of pictures. I love that part about it. They do early gender determination, sneek peak blood test as soon as 8 weeks, sneek peak into 4d ultrasound, and normal ultrasounds. 

I had decided to do the sneak peak blood test at 14 weeks, and the gender determination by ultrasound to back up the blood test at 15 weeks. (They start gender by ultrasound at 15 weeks, for more accuracy.) You could either do the one day result or the two day result. One day was $149, and two day was $129. I mean $20 difference? I definitely did the one day result. So you get there and fill some paperwork out, and they pull you back and do your blood test. They send it off to their facility and if you chose the one day result then they email you after 24 hours basically the next day your results. 

IMG_5735My original plan was to open the email myself and surprise my husband with a gift. Then I had a better idea. I had bought one girl outfit and one boy outfit and I asked my sister in law that lives with us if she could keep my email open and receive the results for me and then bag of the correct gender in the gift bag and then video my husband and I opening it. She agreed. This way we would both be surprised together and neither would know before the other. Yall I was seriously so convinced I was having a girl. My husband wanted a boy so so bad! We pulled a little blue shirt out with some overalls and I’d be damned we are having a little boy. I was a little disappointed at first, but then I was just as excited for this little boy! We still don’t IMG_5786have a name, but we have narrowed it down to two! So it’s a start. 

We are so excited for you baby boy! I promise we will have a name for you soon 🙂 

Quick update on me? I’m no longer nauseous, but now this little boy is sitting right on a nerve, causing some serious lower right side back pain. I do lots of stretching to move him. If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to put your two cents in!


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