Small Spaces; How I Used Every Nook & Crany for Newborn Baby

img_7538-1Our house is extremely small. Well I wouldn’t say small. I would say just outgrown. There is 5 of us living there, plus 2 dogs, and a cat. Now I’m pregnant with the sixth human that’s going to be living there! It’s still a joyful time, it’s just we really didn’t plan on going anywhere else for another year or two. So I had to utilize EVERY single space I could for our little squish that is going to be here pretty much any day now.

We have a three bedroom house, originally, but my husband and I turned what was a den into our bedroom since it was the biggest room in the house. The only downfall is that it has no closet in it. His grandad lives in one real room, and my brother in law and sister in law live in another real room in the house. So guess what the third real room is? My husbands and I’s closet, storage room, craft room, and just junk room. (Like i said at this point, we have totally outgrown this house.) Just a little longer and we plan on moving. We are making it work though. So where are we going to put baby E? Well in our room of course! Which makes me feel so much more comfortable anyway because he’s going to be so tiny, and a newborn, and I just want to be able to keep all eyes on him and get all the snuggles every night. But this makes our room just a little cramped, because it was already cramped before. So we had to move some stuff around and get rid of some stuff. Also had to buy new things too. Thank God for such a big family and friends, they covered the entire registry, leaving us with hardly anything to buy! Which works out great, since I stress about how much the hospital is even going to charge me to have him! We have a great, huge support group. It makes me less anxious.

Anyway, back to the whole utilizing every space; Below I am going to post a few examples on how I utilized all the space in my house for baby boy. I am so sorry if it makes you go crazy, but it works for us. As far as the clutter, it will eventually make it’s place to a spot.

I really hope this helps someone in the future that might have the same situation I am in. Not a bad one, just one we have to work with! 


img_0033 This here is my like 4 in 1 bottle/feeding/cleaning/drying station, baby medicine cabinet all in one. I think I got this piece at Ikea a long time ago, and FINALLY made my husband put it together. It is suppose to have drawers but he got frustrated and didn’t put them on! Terrible, right? Besides the point, this thing works perfect for me! I found the biggest spot I had near our kitchen and set it up. The top shelf has a basket that has the bottles in it, and all his medicine. Things like the nose Frida, baby Tylenol, gripe water, and a few others that might come in handy the first few months. The top shelf also has his bottle warmer, and the green grass holder/dryer for bottles and various other things. The lower shelf has a bin full of burping cloths and bibs, a bin next to it with a few cans of formula, and the couple of boxes beside it are the safety one kits, with finger nail clippers, etc. The last two boxes is another bottle rack dryer, and a bottle warmer and cooler. The last thing is hanging up by a screw, and it’s the newborn baby whale sink cushion seat for bath time! This thing is really going to come in handy when he gets here! It will be great to have img_0032everything in one spot. To the right is Elijah’s little reading nook! This was in our room, but I figured it would fit perfectly right here in my living room. The rug is from Five Below, like $5 and is actually way longer than it looks. I have it folded over! This kid has so many books! Next to the little book shelf is his play time tummy mat. It will be easily accessible once he gets a few months old for me to just grab it during play/tummy time since all his books are there anyway! This spot is exciting to me, because I love to read so I hope he picks up on that gene img_0034from me! The next space utilized was a corner in my husband and I’s room! Over here we got the bouncer, his toy box and the changing pad. We still need to get a dresser that will go right there where my mom bag is! So my mom bag, the baby backpack on top, and the boppy pillow, and the wooden board propped up against the bag is going to the hospital with us, so that won’t be there for long! The laundry basket is just holding clothes that are going to go in his dresser. This will soon be decluttered once the dresser gets put there! Yes if you are wondering about the wall color, this room was my husbands room before it was OUR room. He was in college at Memphis State, and he decided it was a good idea to pain the walls gray and blue. We never changed it because we had much other things to fix and take care of around the house. And now that we are having a little boy, I guess it still works out fine. It could be worse! img_0031This is the second to last space we have utilized for little man, and it’s the other corner of our room that isn’t occupied. Even though we are sharing a room with him doesn’t mean he still can’t have his own side! If you couldn’t tell his nursery theme is Winnie the Pooh! I LOVE Winnie the Pooh! Anyway, this is where his crib is going to go. Right now the bassinet is occupying that spot! It will be moved bedside once the crib comes! We have the mattress as you can see! The crib we are using is the Davinci Mini Crib from Target! It’s a 4 in 1 also, turning into a day bed, toddler bed, and twin bed after using as a crib! The fan will also be moved over a bit! Our room is pretty big and we still have plenty of room! Hubby and I have our side, and our baby boy still was able to have a nursery on his side! It worked out really well. Sometimes you got to make the best with what you got! 

The last space we utilized, (which was not ready for a picture), is our hallway closet! This is an option if you have the space to do it! We have two hallway closets. Most houses do, I’d imagine. One is just full of shelves and we use that as a towel/bedding/pillow closet! The second one we have is a coat closet! We emptied out that coat closet and turned it into little man’s closet! Which worked out perfect, since my clothes occupy the closest in the third room and my husbands clothes occupy a built in rack closet we screwed onto the wall in the third room also. So baby boy has his own closet! It’s been plenty of space to put all his clothes and items we aren’t using at the moment in there. It was a great idea! 

I really hope some of these ideas help some of you mamas that might be trying to utilize the space you have! Please let me know if it helps you! It has for sure helped me! I feel like I finally have most of it organized, and he is going to be here any day, so thank goodness I feel a sense of relief! I hope you can to! 

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  1. Britt | Shed Happens (@ShedHappenscmty)

    April 6, 2020 at 11:06 pm

    It’s good to see that you guys have made it work despite being in a somewhat cramped position for now. I have to say, if it was me, I’d want to keep my baby close like that in the beginning anyway! They are so vulnerable at that age.

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