Morphe Eye Shadow Palette in Bronze Goals
Ulta Twist Volumizer Mascara
Morphe Brow Pot in Hazelnut
Morphe Set Spray, Tarte Vegan Foundation/Concealer, Elf Concealer, Morphe Bronze Pallette
Morphe Bronze Palette in Glamabronze
Morphe Blush Palette
Tarte Sugar Rush Velvet Lip
Ulta Twist Volumizer Mascara

New Makeup Haul Review!

So here lately I was thinking about revamping my makeup! I had SO MUCH that was old, probably expired, way to dark for my skin tone, nasty makeup that needed to desperately GO! I wish I would have taken a picture of the trash bag of makeup that was thrown away earlier this week. It literally would have completed this blog. The good thing is, I was able to pick up an order from Ulta before everything started shutting down due to this COVOID-19 stuff. I will admit, I THROUGHLY SUCK AT DOING MY MAKEUP, AND I AM NO ARTIST BY ANY MEANS. I can make it look decent, but even after watching a million tutorials and having people show me, I STILL can’t get it right. So bare with me. I’m just one of your typical girls who reallllllly wants to learn how to do my makeup well. I don’t even wear makeup but when I do, I’d like it to look nice and put together. I can’t seem to keep it on my face for some reason or use the right colors! I’m still going to do a review on the makeup I just bought though, I might not be artistry smart, but I am smart when it comes to buying stuff that I LIKE, now if I could just learn to use it. TIPS AND ADVICE ARE APPRECIATED! Here it is in all it’s glory.


Before I go hacking at these beautiful products, I’m going to tell you what I like about them! 2 or 3 of them I have been using for a while, but the rest of them are fairly new! My FAVORITE out of all of these has got to be the Morphe Set Spray. I have been using this spray for a little over a year, mind you that’s with doing my makeup about 1-2 times a week, I JUST had to buy a new bottle of it. It is like $16 I believe? That’s well worth my 20 bucks. For while now I have been using the Morphe Blush Palette. I REALLY love the very last shade on the bottom right. It is like perfect with my skin tone. I have also had that palette for about a year now and it hardly looks used. Well worth the money! This one retails at $22. Everything else you see in the picture is brand new products that I am going to try out! Now already, I have used the Morphe Brow Pot and the Ulta Twist Volumizer Mascara while I went to work this week. The brow pot is the perfect color. I got it in hazelnut. Make sure you get a angled brush for it. Usually one that is double sided with a brow brush at the other end. The Utla Twist Volumizer Mascara is AMAZING!!!!! I didn’t even know they had this kind of mascara when I bought it. I honestly was just looking for one to go in my makeup bag for the hospital when I give birth, and this one was actually free because I had bought so many other ulta items, (skin care wise) and when I realized what it did, I immediately swapped it out with my every day one, and now I use it for every day instead of my old one. My old one went into my hospital bag!This one retails at $10.50. You literally twist the bottom of the mascara, and it will change the bristles on the brush determining how volumized you want to go. It is the craziest thing. I was so excited! Definitely going to continue buying this one in the future. The only things that I haven’t tried is the bronzer, eye shadow palette, and foundation. I used the concealer for maternity pictures earlier this week, that’s going to come out in another blog post soon, whenever my photographer gets them back to me! Here is my before and after of using ALL these products together. How did I do? Like I said, all TIPS AND ADVICE ARE WELCOME!! I am still learning this whole makeup process.

The only change I made was the lipstick! It is till the same exact kind just a darker color! I plan on practicing some more since I am on work leave now, and will be on maternity leave also in about 3 weeks! Please leave tips and advice below!



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