What’s in our hospital bag?

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This has been a huge dilemma for me! We are being induced on April 17th. YIKES, IT’S COMING SO FAST! We are so excited. I feel like I am overpacked. When I was setting out everything to take pictures of earlier, it dawned on me how much I really had in the bags. I guess I’d rather have to much and not enough. Everything with this COVID-19 stuff is really starting to make me nervous. Just going into the hospital, now I can’t have my mom with me, just my husband, and NOW THERE ARE EVEN STATES THAT AREN’T ALLOWING ANYONE IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM. I’m sorry I would raise a whole lot of hell if my husband couldn’t be in there.

Snacks, Pillow, and Blanket!

But I am not here to rant! I’m here to talk about what is in our hospital bags. So with that being said, my doctor told me that as long as everything goes well and we don’t have any complications and E and I is completely healthy, then we could be discharged the next day so we didn’t have to spend more time in the hospital than needed, and that way family could visit us at home, (which still won’t happen, the virus has me to nervous.) But it would be nice to go home the next day. It will all depend on how I feel! So please feel free to let me know if you think I’m missing something, or something that you packed that helped you tremendously! This is all new to me, so I’m doing my best! I’m going to start with how many bags we have! Honestly now that I’ve downsized what I had in mine, I could probably fit my husbands stuff in my bag now. Which would be great. But he packed a simple back pack, and I packed the baby’s bag, in his actual diaper bag, and the cool thing about my bag is my mother in laws, and sister in law gifted my bag to me, and it was full of snacks, medicine, hygiene kits for the hubby and I, and it had a hospital gown, and a matching blanket for baby boy in it also! This was so sweet, so I definitely was thankful for this! Those snacks will definitely come in handy for my husband! Me on the other hand should put some of the stuff I can eat in there also, with my dietary restrictions, I just haven’t thought much about it.

In the above picture, I went ahead and put one of our boppy pillows in, because until he gets here, my husband can use it as a pillow also and just one of our small throw blankets from home too. The snacks are pictured above also! I can’t eat these but my husband can, so these will hold him over hopefully while we are in there!

Mom’s bag and Postpartum Items!

Okay so in my bag, I have a few different things! I didn’t pack any post partum items because I heard the hospital will provide that for you during your stay and also send you home with a good bit. So I did purchase the Frida Mom Post Partum Complete Kit (Labor, Delivery, and Post Partum), for $99 on amazon, you can find it here! It comes with everything thing you would need after you are home with new baby! I have mine ready to go for when I get home. It also has a few things that you can carry to the hospital with you, such as a gown and socks. Other items it includes is a peri bottle, disposable underwear, ice maxi pads, pad liners, perineal foam, and toiletry bag!

Okay so back to my bag! Here is what I packed in my bag:

– 2 loose, comfy, shirts that would be easy to nurse in.

– 2 pairs of maternity leggings, I feel like I am going to need that compression and softness, I got mine, here on Amazon, they are actually on sale right now!

– 1 nursing bra and 2 compression/soft over the stomach postpartum underwear, and 3 pairs of socks. The nursing bra is from Amazon, you can find it here, I got mine in a pack of three.

– Freemie Breast Pump, find it by clicking here! I got mine on sale, Amazon was having a $30 off coupon that day! It changes all the time!

– My tiny makeup bag, even if I don’t do it, I’m not going to lie, I just want to be a diva and get one good picture with my LO, is that to much to ask for? All the makeup in it is from Ulta! My brush is also in my bag, my phone charger, and my hygiene kit that came in my gifted mom bag mentioned above, and my hospital gown and baby matching blanket as mentioned above!

Baby Bag and Items!

Lastly is baby boy’s bag! His was actually the hardest to pack, because he literally has the cutest outfits! I couldn’t choose between any of them hardly, I managed though! Here is what’s in his bag:

– 3 Outfits, one going home outfit, one photography outfit, and one comfy sleep gown. (2 pairs of socks, and 2 beanies, the mits are built in to every outfit.)

– His wuba nub moose paci, and Eeyore lovey.

– His signature blanket for ride home, and his winnie the pooh swaddle blanket for swaddling!

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So did I miss anything? It’s a scary thought since we can’t have any visitors, and my husband won’t want to leave my side. I think I did good for a first time mom! He is going to be here either the 17th or 18th of April! We are being induced on April 17th. I’m also pretty nervous, so if anyone can offer advice there too, that would be great!

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