The BEST/WORST Parts of Pregnancy

Pregnancy has really had its ups and downs, I will say that confidently! Since I am slowly nearing the end now, just a TINY part of me is going to miss it somewhat. We are going to be having our little squish in less than 3 weeks now! My countdown is 20 days! Hopefully he will come before then!

This will be a fairly short blog, as I am just really documenting what I’ve thought about my pregnancy in hopes that it will help someone else. That’s the whole purpose of this blog anyway! I’m going to list the worse parts of my pregnancy and the best parts! Lets get the worse out of the way first!

Worst Parts of Pregnancy

  • Sickness/Nausea- This was just a terrible feeling all together. It was really bad in the first trimester and now it’s back in the third trimester!
  • Tender Breasts- In the second trimester it had let up, a lot. Now it’s back full force in the third trimester. Did I mention they leak too?
  • Discharge- Some days you feel like you just peed your pants, but really its discharge and if you aren’t aware of it, then it can ruin lots of underwear. Most women wear panty liners!
  • Exhaustion- You are so tired all the time. They say it gets better in the second trimester. I determined that was a lie.
  • HIP and SCIATICA PAIN!- This is MY NUMBER ONE, if I only had to choose one thing I hated about pregnancy. This is some of the worse pain (other than my gallstone issues). They say you can stretch to help it. That doesn’t work for me. Nothing works for me. If this is you in the future, I am so sorry!
  • Rib Roundhouse Kicks- It will take your breath away when you feel that first rib kick.
  • Feeling Useless- This one is hard for me because I am so used doing everything, and sometimes near the end, you simply just can’t. Take it easy.
  • Lightening Crotch- If you have never heard of this, it’s when the babies head drops down and is sitting right on your cervix and pelvis. It feels just like the name describes. There is really nothing you can do for it other than hope that changing positions might help!

Best Parts of Pregnancy!

  • Your feeling of love/perception grows tremendously!- I mean really, you start thinking about someone other than yourself or your significant other.
  • The Excuses- To eat what you want, dress how you want, or to stay home all you want. The tired excuse, girl take that nap!
  • Resting not by choice- For the most part, people won’t let you do anything “just cause you’re pregnant” It can be annoying sometimes, but at the end you will be so thankful for it. You might even start asking for help.
  • The Kick/Punch Feeling- All those punches, kicks, rolls, and hiccups you are going to learn to welcome them. I start to get worried if I don’t feel him every hour or so. You do have to remember they sleep too.
  • CUTE BUMP PICS- OWN IT! Take one EVERY WEEK! Seriously. You are going to want to document it.
  • Cravings- This is something I didn’t get to indulge in very much during my pregnancy due to my health reasons and gallstone disease. I have had ,however a craving for watermelon, pretzels, and coke zero in the third trimester, and that is stuff I can eat/drink! Take that craving. Just be careful with the sweets and fatty foods.
  • The Baby Shower- I don’t care what they say, “it’s about the baby”, BULL CRAP, its about you. You and your baby, entering motherhood with all the right essentials.
  • Maternity Photos- If you choose to do them, mine made me feel so beautiful! I loved documenting my bump size here toward the end!

So you see there are a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. But one thing about this whole part, which is the most amazing part is the little bundle of joy you are going to have when it’s all said and done. So try to enjoy all things pregnancy and try not to stress to much! The pregnancy part isn’t permanent. The bundle of joy is.

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