Spring Cleaning for Newborn

I don’t know if it is considered Spring Cleaning because if I am being completely honest, my house gets spring cleaned on a week to week basis. I’m pretty OCD when it comes to keeping a clean home. There are days that I might get a little lazy, but then again who doesn’t? Normally I take a day or two, and then go right back to buzzing around and cleaning again.

Let’s admit it, it’s a never ending job! Along with cleaning up after my husband and myself, it literally never ends. Which is fine, it is a cycle of life. I am already a germaphobe as it is in some ways. As far as dusting and stuff, I can go a few days without doing that. But as far as dishes, or the dog and cat hair on the floor, it berates me!

Yes I know it’s a part of life, but geez. Can I catch a break for one day? I am having this baby any day now, and if he doesn’t come before then, we are being induced on April 17th. I have prepped and prepared for this baby now for a few months by trying to keep the house decluttered and clean! I just feel like it can’t be clean enough. So I planned out next week. Since it is my last full week without a baby.

Even though I have already done most of this, I feel the need to do this again next week before he comes. Her are some of the things I plan on cleaning!

The Cleaning List

  • Washing our bedding, I want it super clean. Honestly I will probably wash it on the 15th. We go in on April 17th for induction. So, then it will be extra clean when we get home from the hospital.
  • Making sure all of our laundry is done by the 16th and through next week! I don’t want to do any laundry the first day or two when I get home!
  • Making sure my floors and carpets are clean, and there is NO DISHES in the sink. Honestly the day of the 16th, I will end up doing all this again even though I should be resting!
  • Washing baby’s clothes again. This one isn’t on my planner because it’s absolutely optional, and I might even do it some of them this week!
  • I am going to wash all of the throw blankets in the living room, and the baby’s blankets.
  • Also going to wash and clean all of my rugs and wash the curtains that are covering the bathroom window and the bathroom rug!

If anyone has any suggestions I am totally open! How did you prepare for your baby? Or just spring clean in general!

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