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Romans 8:18 – Bible Study #2

I saw this bible verse yesterday when I was scrolling through Pinterest and it hit me so hard, because of how true it is. The verse reads:

The pain that you’ve been feeling cannot compare to the joy that’s coming.

Romans 8:18

What does this verse mean to me? It means a lot actually. This whole pregnancy has been once of the hardest couple months, and I feel so bad to say it but I really haven’t enjoyed it. I couldn’t. In between being so sick in the first trimester, and the gallstones in the second trimester, and the gestational, gallstones, and short cervix, all the medicine, and the pain and aches in the third trimester, the terrible sciatica pain, sometimes I can’t even walk and I know some women have it way worse. Trust me, I have had it worse, but it’s hard to remember and stay motivated for the end of the result. To me this verse means that God is telling me to hang in there, that the grief I am feeling will not compare to the joy that is coming. My little boy is due to enter this world tomorrow!

So just remember if you are feeling any kind of grief or pain or anything for that matter, just know that something joyous will come along. Something I can compare this verse is, “there is light at the end of every tunnel.” Some people can’t see it, but even if you can’t see it, just know it’s there. It will come eventually. Also just want to brag on this app I got the other night on the iTunes store, it is called Zinnia, and it’s amazing! It is a planner that is completely customizable. This is where I am now putting my bible studies into. Get a sneak peak of my study from this excerpt and today in the picture below!

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