Newborn Schedule- Is it possible?

The majority of doctors, parents, and general public are going to tell you that you can’t put a newborn on a schedule. In a way I agree and in a way I disagree. I will say that no matter what your schedule is- You are ALWAYS on the baby’s time. It’s no longer your time. 

I do agree in a way because at any moment in time their sleeping patterns and feeding schedules can change at any time. So you would just have to adapt to a new schedule while trying to keep some aspects of the last routine you were on. 

Where people go wrong in my opinion is calling it a schedule and not a routine. It’s a slight difference! I disagree when people say you can’t do it, because if you stick to a routine, the baby will eventually fall into the same routine. Calling it a routine, leaves it open for more flexible options and change! 

We have developed somewhat of a routine that is working for us! That is until, it will eventually change! And it will, because that’s babies for you, unpredictable and growing every day! 

If this routine works for you, great! If not, then I hope you find one that works for you! They are God send on most days. 

Right now, he’s a month and a half old! So he’s eating 4 oz of formula every 3 hours or so! His naps are anywhere from 1 in a half – 3 hours. 

Day Time Routine 

6 AM: is normally his first feeding of the “morning” time. His naps after this are usually a hit or miss. Sometimes he will go back to sleep, and then sometimes he won’t. This is really one of his unpredictable times. 

10 AM: First real nap of the morning. I know around this time he normally is fighting his sleep, cause he’s some how still wired from his 6 AM feeding. (You can tell he is going to be an early bird like my husband, yuck!) 

12:30 PM- Feeding and Tummy Time! Usually on my chest with cuddles or on his play mat or boppy pillow! He always falls asleep during this time after he feeds. This is just how predictable my child is! 

1 PM- Second real nap. This is one of his shorter naps. Just a quick pick me up nap, I guess! 

3 PM- Awake, Feed, and some tummy time, and a lot of cuddles. This is normally my down time with him, and we are just hanging out really! 

5 PM- Last real, long nap! He will normally wake up around 7-7:30 and then my husband will cuddle him a while. 

Nighttime Routine 

8:30 PM- Bath Time! Around 8:30 he’s getting hungry and we give him a bath first, and then bottle. 

9:30 PM- Bassinet, this is when we normally lay him in the bassinet, and let him chill out by himself. He’s normally asleep by 10! 10-11:30 is my downtime with the hubby, if he’s not already asleep!

11:30 PM- First nighttime bottle, feed, burp, straight back into bassinet. 

2:30 AM- Second nighttime bottle, this is when he loves to get up and start fighting sleep so I normally have to turn on my sound app or run his belly/head or hold his hand. He gets fussy around this time! You can refer to my other blog post about things that help my little one get to sleep. They might work for you! He normally gets back to sleep around 3:15. 

5:30- 6 AM- Last/First feeding of the night/morning. 

This has been E’s routine for about 3 weeks now, and it’s been working for us! We kind of let him make this routine, and now we just try to keep it as close as possible! I know at some point it might change, and at that point we will just make adjustments as we go! I’m hoping this will come in handy for a mom looking for a simple routine to follow! 

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