Nap Time- How to get Things Done- Mental and Beneficial!

It’s that time of the day and you are literally drowning in all things; chores, work, play time, outside time, eating and feeding, and etc. The kid just won’t take a nap and you just can’t get anything done. This is a 6 month update with how far along I’ve made it with being a mom, (basically surviving) and also how I get crap done during nap time. (When he’s actually taking a nap anyway.)

My son still takes about 3 1/2 naps a day. I put the 1/2 on there because sometimes he takes one at 6/7 PM on days when he’s real tired *inserts shocked face here* in which he still manages to sleep through the night. What do I do during nap time? I feel like it can get super overwhelming because sometimes you simply just have a lot of s*** to do. Honestly.

He’s at that age now (6 Months) where I just chuck him into the high chair and stick a bunch of toys in front of him, and I just race the clock because I know in about 20 minutes he’s going to be ready to get down from there and do something else. So how do we moms do it?

Well prioritize for one, right? What REALLY needs to be done and what can REALLY WAIT till the next time he’s down for the count. I don’t know how you guys prioritize but I put stuff into categories by what is going to make MY life and time easier and more free. What is going to give me that extra 10-15 minutes by myself to do something I want to do or work on? Why would I start on a chore that is going to take up to much of a time window that is unnecessary to what I am trying to accomplish, I can do that at the next nap time window. Or better yet, maybe never? Here’s a little example on what I ALWAYS put first on my list and WHY.

  1. Dishes/Clean Bottles- If the baby doesn’t eat on time, the baby is not happy, (at least my child isn’t.) Why would I make it harder on myself, because I decided to put dishes last on my to do list. (Yes everyone hates them, but they are kind of crucial when you have a baby.) I try to keep his bottles clean as much as possible. In all honesty it only takes about 10 minutes to do the dishes, so just do it, plus when you see that clean sink it’s like a breath of fresh air. “You need clean bottles anyway!”
  2. If you are a formula mom, make it ahead of time!! I always make a pitcher that holds (6) 6 oz bottles. I literally take out and pour. I just base it off of how much my son drinks in a day. Formula is good in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Just pour and go. It is a hassle opening up that formula can and scooping, and then stirring and then if you are like me, you warm it up first so the formula doesn’t clump together. I just can’t, it’s the most aggravating to me.
  3. Okay, now don’t try to be super mom by any means, if the baby has formula made and clean bottles, like honestly you are set. If you want to add in a little spiffiness, you could pick up the toys they played with, but you will just have to get them back out again. Another thing I do is have Little Baby Bum waiting on pause on the TV for when he wakes up because he needs a few minutes to wake up before he gets going again. This sets me up for when he wakes up. It really only takes me about 20-25 minutes max to finish that up so I can do something I really like or need to do.
  4. Most of the time after I get him set up for when he wakes up, I will turn over some laundry or make me something to eat. DON’T FORGET TO EAT! It’s an easy thing to do, and I am not perfect at it by any means. It can even be something small, but you will feel so much better overall.
  5. Is this making sense yet? Basically I haven’t included any other chores because honestly, Those are the ones that are the most important. Now you have the rest of the nap to get done what you want or sometimes I even lay down with my son.
  6. Fast forward to the next nap; Around this time, I just cleaned out the one bottle I just fed him and now my dishes are still done and not piled up and at least I have dry/clean clothes, and I am not that hungry. Now I focus on one more unnecessary chore, like maybe sweeping or straightening up the bathroom. Then I focus on something I want to do.
  7. IT IS OKAY FOR THE HOUSE TO LOOK LIVED IN! Please keep this in mind mamas.

To keep sane you have really got to take care of yourself. This is something that I try to implement a lot! Especially during nap time. Eat something, cause then you don’t have to share it. Do something as simple as brushing your hair, it will make you feel neat again. Something that helps get my mind in order is cleaning my purse and organizing the baby bag when I have some free time. It makes my life run smoother. Take a bath or a shower, even at 10 minute shower can make a difference with a shower fizzy and a quick playlist. These are the things that help your mental health also!

My checklist above definitely plays off of prioritizing. Sometimes you JUST can’t get to it all. And that’s okay. Just do the important stuff. The rest will follow, especially when you get into a routine. And the result is more time to yourself!

My sweet boy taking his afternoon nap!

So update on how I’ve been holding it together with a 6 month old and getting stuff done that really needs to be done. I just take it one day at a time. Even if the days start to blur together. I LOVE being a mom, it still feels so unreal. I haven’t really blogged in a long time, the last 6 months have been focused on my son, my full time job, and now I have a new hobby that has turned into my second full time job, which new post coming on that also, it’s very exciting. 🙂

If you have any other tips on how to get things done during nap time PLEASE reach out to me. I would love to hear them, I’m constantly trying to improve on my time management. The biggest piece of advice I am going to give, that works for me, and just because it works for me doesn’t mean that it will work for someone else, but I hope it does, is to REALLY take time for yourself during nap time, and the prioritize the important stuff first. All that other stuff can wait, you got this!

Week 1 with Newborn & 7 Days Postpartum

Well here we are. 7 days PP. 

PP is short for Postpartum. – the period after birth. 

Every mom has been there. Sometimes it’s okay, sometimes it’s really good, and other times it’s not the greatest. The one thing we all have in common with PP is that we have an AMAZING baby, the light of your life at the end. How can one not be just satisfied with that? 

I definitely am! I’m not gonna write this post to school you on PP or PPD (Postpartum Depression). I’m not gathering the facts or laying it out there. Here’s how my first week with a newborn in PP is going. 

This is PP. 7 days in fact, my baby is a whole week old, and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that he’s already been alive and well fed and kept and loved, actually loved in our arms for 7 whole days. I really have developed a fear over the last week of him growing and getting older. I know there isn’t anything I can do, but it gives me such anxiety and I have to talk myself down from it. Being a mom is an AMAZING thing and opportunity and I now could never go back to my old self or the way I was.

PP is sitting in the bathtub with your legs to the side because you are scared to open or sit criss cross, talk about a tear after pushing a 7 pound baby out. PP is taking that first bathroom trip and thinking it was worse than the labor itself. PP for me this week is still getting the shakes, and nearly crying every time I laid my son in his bassinet next to our bed to go to sleep at night and wondering if he is going to be okay and checking on him, literally every 3 minutes. Just wearing myself out even more. PP for me is being tired already of wearing the mesh panties. My breasts hurt. I had clogged ducts by day 3. My baby broke my tailbone when I was pushing him out. No one talks about how excruciating a tailbone issue is. It has been a constant struggle.

You feel like you can’t catch a break. There is a fine line between PP and PPD. I am not depressed. I am overjoyed and overwhelmed by this child. I enjoy taking care of him. I wait for him to wake up. I could sit and stare at him all day! I don’t feel sad. I don’t feel left out. I don’t feel cooped up, or like I am drowning.

As far as my first week goes, yes I’ve been peed and pooped on, and spit up on. But we have cuddled and napped, and we have been eating to our hearts content! It feels amazing not to be pregnant, if I am being completely honest! That first moment I laid down in my bed without that extra weight was PURE relief. I laugh every time he stretches, grunts, whines, or smiles that milk drunk smile.

The Hardest Part

The hardest part by far is breastfeeding. This is the one area that I have felt like a failure. In the hospital I was breastfeeding and he watching latching on surprisingly well. There were a few problems with him latching toward the second day, but the nurses and everyone kept encouraging me. By the next morning after being at home, I just knew he wasn’t getting enough, so I started the bottle and started substituting with formula. I felt so bad. I couldn’t help myself. And no, I’m not bashing any other mom or dad for using formula. I have nothing against formula. It’s just, I was so excited to breast feed, and knowing he wasn’t getting enough just yet, or I felt like he wasn’t getting enough, I felt like a bad mom because in my head I feel/felt like he wasn’t getting what he needed.

Also, pumping is exhausting. My supply has been so low. Even when I build up enough, or not really enough, but just enough to give him 1-2 bottles of breast milk, (because I get excited), I end up running out and pumping like crazy even though I’m pumping around the clock, so then I once again have to substitute with formula.

So by far this has been the hardest thing for me to cope with. I did purchase a nipple shield, and it has helped tremendously, but we are still just practicing on latching on. He will latch and then get frustrated if he doesn’t get milk right away. It’s overwhelming! We are going to keep practicing though!

All the late nights are not that bad, yes I’m tired, but it’s totally worth it. I could never go back to my old ways or self. I will forever care for this little boy. By the time this post will actually post, cause let’s face it, I’m a new mom and I feel bad if I put him down for more than 10 minutes, I’ll be 10 days postpartum, but it’s all the same still! I just need to learn how to balance my blog life with my new mom life. I really do miss it! I’ll get the hang of it soon! I still can’t quite believe that this little guy came out of me, and is the result of my husband and I. He’s our mini. It’s a HUGE thing to wrap ones head around. I just know I love this little boy so much!

I would tell you my labor story but that’s for a different post and day. This mama can only handle one right now!