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Best of both worlds, Fat-Free & Sugar Free candy?

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Where did I find these?

A few weeks ago I went on the hunt for sugar free/fat free candy. If I could tell you anything about me, it’s that I LOVE all kinds of candy. I like chocolate, fruity, sour, chewy, sticky, etc. Pretty much ALL of it. I was searching Google and Pinterest for a candy I could eat, and enjoy that wouldn’t taste like cardboard or some other weird natural flavor.

I was browsing Amazon a few days ago and came across Smart Sweets.

There were some things I did find frustrating about this brand and how I had to buy them. Overall though, I will tell you why I REALLY like them, and why it was a little frustrating! This will be a fairly short post!

The first option below is the one that I got! You got two bags of each one! There are a few other options available on how to buy them! Here is what I found that is a con of buying! (Don’t let it discourage you! I’ll explain why!)

The con to purchasing:

I only have two. You have to buy in bulk. You can’t buy one single bag. Really I wanted to try them because they looked to good to be true. You know with some fat free/ nearly sugar free or completely sugar free candy they can have this really weird taste to them or an after taste. Either why you are eating them or after you finish chewing and you swallow them. This is why I wanted to buy one bag.

But knowing me, I was desperate for something sweet that I could eat and fill that void of not being able to eat candy! So it wasn’t to bad of a con for me. I bought the one that has four flavors, and comes with two bags each. It’s above if you’d like to check it out, the first option! You can get them in smaller bulk order, but I thought what the hell, just do it. It’s Amazon, I can just leave a review and keep trying.

Secondly, they can be just a little pricey, but I guess that is the upside to buying candy that has absolutely nothing in it, and to buying in bulk. I don’t think they expect you to go through it very fast. Which they are kind of right. After I ate on one bag all day, I haven’t opened another yet because I am not ready. I bought these solely for when I wanted something sweet, not something I could binge eat over a few days!

The pros to purchasing:

  • – They turned out absolutely delicious.
  • – They did NOT leave a weird after taste.
  • – There were a good quantity in the bag.
  • – They had a very natural taste to them.
  • – They had just the right amount of sour.
  • – They are FAT- FREE!
  • – They only have 3 grams of sugar PER, YES PER, bag.
  • – No additional sugars.

Overall Review

These things in my opinion were a great buy. They tasted really good, and I can see how it would be easy to eat a bag in one sitting, especially with us being on quarantine right now! I will most likely continue to buy these because after eating them I realize that I do have healthy alternatives to the sugary, sour, candy that I would normally pick up off of a gas station shelf.

I got four different flavors; Sweet Fish (pictured to the left), gummy bears, sour gummy bears, and sour blast buddies. They do have peach rings also. So that will be my next buy. A bulk that carries the peach rings, because come one, have you lived correctly if you have never had a peach ring? One of my favorites.

Lastly, but not least, I’d buy these again because the hospital I am delivering at, has a clear food rule for mamas in labor. The gummy bears are considered clear. So I need to make sure I throw one of those into my hospital snack bag!

If you end up trying these, please let me know! I’d love some more feedback and opinions!

Thanks for reading!

The PERFECT Quesadilla Recipe— Fat Free!


Fat Free seems to be my lifestyle now days! I even think that after I give birth I am going to try to keep a low fat diet, because it’s actually been beneficial to me. I know I have continued to complain about it my entire pregnancy but, it really has helped me stay below my pre pregnancy weight my entire pregnancy, (yes baby was completely healthy and has gained more than enough weight, don’t worry. I didn’t starve my child!). If you didn’t already know about my diet restrictions, then you can click here to read my blog post on my fat free/sugar free diet and why I am restricted on some stuff. So here’s to say, I made the BEST quesadillas the other night for my husband and I, and it was super quick and easy, and it was all super low fat.

Here are the ingredients you will need:


  • 1 lbs of ground turkey, (make sure to get the leanest, reduced, low fat package you can find.) Most are 98% anyway.
  • 1 Tomato
  • Half of a white onion
  • Mini sweet bell peppers
  • Mexican Shredded Cheese (Non Fat) (My husband doesn’t exactly follow my diet)
  • Fat Free Cheese Single Slices
  • Low Skim Mozzarella Cheese
  • Unsalted Butter (2 tablespoons)- Once again my husbands request.
  • I used the TINIEST bit of olive oil, literally like a tablespoon just to get the pan somewhat wet.
  • Whole Wheat Tortillas

So as you can see, my husband requested that his not be completely fat free. He doesn’t eat the same diet as me! Which I definitely don’t blame him. You’re very low on options. First things first though, you’re going to brown your ground turkey. I don’t use any oil in the pan when I do this also. The natural juice from the turkey will do you just fine, I promise. Next I dice up my tomato, half a onion, and bell peppers. Any bell pepper will do, I just choose to buy the sweet mini bell peppers, because my husband snacks on them throughout the week, and they are so much easier to CHOP! You may also add some type of hot pepper too, if you like your stuff spicy. I just didn’t have any hot peppers at the time. Go ahead and toss all those diced veggies in your ground turkey, let them simmer for a bit till the meat is finished with a good brown on it, and the veggies are soft!

After pull that pan from the heat and I like to use a flat pan, one that you would use to make pancakes on and stuff. For my husbands, I used one tablespoon of unsalted butter in the pan and placed my first tortilla down. I threw him some Mexican cheese on there and some of the low skim mozzarella cheese. I then scooped a full spoon full, like a ladle/soup spoon of meat and veggies on there and placed the other tortilla on there and flattened it down with my hands. Let the bottom side brown a good bit. You don’t want it to be to soft because then it could fall apart when you go to flip it. After that side starts to brown a good golden, burnt color, flip it. I just get my spatula under it real good and give it a quick, flip. Same with this side. I like to take my spatula and use the edge to close the edges of the tortillas together. That way nothing really falls out. Once this side brown take it off, plate it, and for my husbands I put one more table spoon of butter over the top and spread it with a spoon. He also requested sour cream, so If you wanted to add sour cream you could, if you are trying to be fat free please make sure the sour cream is fat free, or low fat! Boom, now you got yourself a FUEGO quesadilla.

The fat free version is the same exact way, except when you are getting your frying pan ready to do the tortilla, I used literally a tsp amount of olive oil to just get the pan ready again for my tortilla. I used the fat free cheese singles on mine instead of the Mexican cheese, and just topped it off with a tad bit of low fat, skim mozzarella cheese. I also left off the sour cream, the sour cream we had was not low fat, or fat free!

Here is our finished product! Yes, on the fat free version you can eat Valentina, or any kind of hot sauce for that matter. Most hot sauces don’t have calories or fat in them.




Here is the fat intake on the products I used.

  • Ground Turkey- 2%
  •  Cheese Singles- 0%
  • Tomato- 0%
  • Onion- 0%
  • Bell Peppers- 0%
  • Whole Wheat Tortilla- 3.5%

So we have kept this whole meal for the most part, under 6% of fat. Which means it was 14% under the daily value!

Please let me know if you attempt to make this and if you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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