Newborn Schedule- Is it possible?

The majority of doctors, parents, and general public are going to tell you that you can’t put a newborn on a schedule. In a way I agree and in a way I disagree. I will say that no matter what your schedule is- You are ALWAYS on the baby’s time. It’s no longer your time. 

I do agree in a way because at any moment in time their sleeping patterns and feeding schedules can change at any time. So you would just have to adapt to a new schedule while trying to keep some aspects of the last routine you were on. 

Where people go wrong in my opinion is calling it a schedule and not a routine. It’s a slight difference! I disagree when people say you can’t do it, because if you stick to a routine, the baby will eventually fall into the same routine. Calling it a routine, leaves it open for more flexible options and change! 

We have developed somewhat of a routine that is working for us! That is until, it will eventually change! And it will, because that’s babies for you, unpredictable and growing every day! 

If this routine works for you, great! If not, then I hope you find one that works for you! They are God send on most days. 

Right now, he’s a month and a half old! So he’s eating 4 oz of formula every 3 hours or so! His naps are anywhere from 1 in a half – 3 hours. 

Day Time Routine 

6 AM: is normally his first feeding of the “morning” time. His naps after this are usually a hit or miss. Sometimes he will go back to sleep, and then sometimes he won’t. This is really one of his unpredictable times. 

10 AM: First real nap of the morning. I know around this time he normally is fighting his sleep, cause he’s some how still wired from his 6 AM feeding. (You can tell he is going to be an early bird like my husband, yuck!) 

12:30 PM- Feeding and Tummy Time! Usually on my chest with cuddles or on his play mat or boppy pillow! He always falls asleep during this time after he feeds. This is just how predictable my child is! 

1 PM- Second real nap. This is one of his shorter naps. Just a quick pick me up nap, I guess! 

3 PM- Awake, Feed, and some tummy time, and a lot of cuddles. This is normally my down time with him, and we are just hanging out really! 

5 PM- Last real, long nap! He will normally wake up around 7-7:30 and then my husband will cuddle him a while. 

Nighttime Routine 

8:30 PM- Bath Time! Around 8:30 he’s getting hungry and we give him a bath first, and then bottle. 

9:30 PM- Bassinet, this is when we normally lay him in the bassinet, and let him chill out by himself. He’s normally asleep by 10! 10-11:30 is my downtime with the hubby, if he’s not already asleep!

11:30 PM- First nighttime bottle, feed, burp, straight back into bassinet. 

2:30 AM- Second nighttime bottle, this is when he loves to get up and start fighting sleep so I normally have to turn on my sound app or run his belly/head or hold his hand. He gets fussy around this time! You can refer to my other blog post about things that help my little one get to sleep. They might work for you! He normally gets back to sleep around 3:15. 

5:30- 6 AM- Last/First feeding of the night/morning. 

This has been E’s routine for about 3 weeks now, and it’s been working for us! We kind of let him make this routine, and now we just try to keep it as close as possible! I know at some point it might change, and at that point we will just make adjustments as we go! I’m hoping this will come in handy for a mom looking for a simple routine to follow! 

Newborn Bedtime Routine- What we use to get a little more sleep!

I don’t know about you other moms, dads, babysitters, nannies, etc. out there but when I’m tired, all I want to do is sleep and newborns/babies/ even toddlers make that hard! It’s not their fault, it’s just what they do, which is totally fine. I love my son, but those 2 AM feedings and wake up times can be rough. 

I’m here to tell you guys about the 3 things that help my little one stay asleep a little longer and fall asleep a little faster so in return I can get a little more rest and sleep myself! 

Bath Time 

My first go to is a nice, warm bath. I’ve gotten into the habit to give E a bath at least every day during the week. Just a quick warm one, we wash his hair and just pour a little warm water on him a few times, and that normally does the trick and calms him down for the night. 

Rain Rain App 

So this one is one I have had for a few weeks now, and it has worked wonders in the middle of the night for us! Usually the sound of the tv is enough when he is just laying down to go to bed, but at 2 am when it’s quiet and all that’s running is the air conditioner, sometimes it’s just not enough! The rain rain app, is free, but they do have a premium version, (that I have caved and paid for) it’s only $9.99 for the premium version, but it really has worked for us and better than any other sound machine we have used. 

It has so many sounds to filter through! Our favorite is “rain on a tent” and “campfire”. You can mix different sounds and I just play it on my phone, and stick it in between his dock a tot and bassinet (the lounger sits in the bassinet) and within 2-3 minutes of him fussing he is normally really calm and just listening to the sound. I’m surprised by how well it worked and I’m so glad I found it and got the premium version! 

Hot Heart Massager

I’m a small business owner and we sell these heat packs that’s main use is massagers, but you pop the disc inside of it and it heats up to 139 degrees. It will stay that way for about an hour and 15 minutes. I wrap it up in his thick, fluffy, elephant lovey and place it on his belly. This also helps him when he has an upset stomach! That way he feels like he’s still laying on me, or in bed with us, because of the “heat transfer”. As soon as he’s asleep, I take it off of him. You can find it here!

A few other tips that seem to help in the middle of the night feedings, is leaving the lights off when you feed, and staying in one spot. My little one does not like to be bounced or walked with whole trying to sleep! Your little one might be different, but mine doesn’t like it. He goes from bassinet, to my bed and I feed him, and he immediately goes back into bassinet. We might cuddle for 1-3 minutes after he burps, but I never turn the light on or walk with him. 

I’ll also add in that the Ovia Parenting App is a life saver too. It helps me keep track of all his feedings, diaper outputs, and sleep! Because let’s face it, us moms brains aren’t as good as they use to be. It’s actually kind of alarming! It’s part of it though! 

These are just some things that help me and my E get a little more sleep at night! I hope this helps some other moms in the future. If there is something that works for you, I would definitely love to know!  

Items That Saved my Life- Baby’s First Month

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Let’s face it, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies when you bring a newborn home. We are now 12 days in with our newborn being home and it has been amazing- and there have been parts where I am like, what the hell am I doing?

This will be fairly short, I am just going to compile a list of items that have helped me tremendously in the last 2 weeks. I really hope that they help some of you too! I think I’ll include some that haven’t been so helpful, also.

Life Saver Items

  • Boppy Pillow– This pillow can be used for literally so many different things. I’ve talked about this pillow in a previous post I believe. This thing can be used for nursing, propping the baby up, or just simply using it as a neck or cuddle pillow. I have also been using it to sit on with my broken tailbone! (Story of this coming later.)
  • Burp Cloths– Lord you will need a lot of these, and you can never have to many, so STOCK UP!
  • Wubbanub– Okay, so even if you don’t plan on using a pacifier, plan on people still getting you one. & If you do plan on using a pacifier, then we LOVE our wubbanub. My son loves to cuddle this thing, and it helps soothe him. We don’t push the pacifier, we only give it to him to hold him from crying while trying to make his bottle, and he sleeps with it, like a stuffed animal, except he never has the paci in his mouth. I think he just likes the stuffed animal attached to it more than anything!
  • A Plain Towel- Yes, I said it. Always have a plain bath towel near by. Not a wash cloth, but just a plain bath towel. I can’t tell you how many times I have used one in the last 14 days for diaper changes. My child has made it a point to poop on me or the furniture every time during a diaper change. This makes the clean up SO MUCH EASIER!

Items Not Needed

  • A Bottle Warmer- Honestly we have two of them and I have tried to use both, and maybe I am just dumb, but I have no idea how to use either of them, and I have put them back into the closet. When I need to warm a bottle up, especially in the middle of the night, I just use a glass bowl of water, and keep it in the microwave and hit the start button for 1 minute and 30 seconds, and then I put the bottle into the water to warm up after the bowl comes out, (you aren’t suppose to directly warm a bottle up (this could make the formula really hot) or breast milk in the microwave (this could kill all the nutrients in it.) While the bottle is warming up, I just change his diaper real quick, grab the bottle, feed him and WALA, done, we go back to sleep.
  • Bottle Cleaners- I got like 15 of those things, a sponge does just fine if you don’t let the bottle sit in the sink all day with gunked up formula and breast milk in it.
  • Mittens- Honestly, I filed my baby’s nails down the first week he was home. Those dang mittens always come off and end up hiding somewhere. It’s really aggravating.

So these are just some things that I found that have been super helpful and not helpful at all! To each their own, this is just my opinion.


These last few weeks have been so amazing with my little guy. It’s a learning experience for all of us. I really hope that this post will help some new and second/ multiple time moms in figuring out what they really need, or don’t need. It’s all a trial and error, and what works for someone else or for me might not work vice versa.

Thanks for reading!