Self Care

Self Isolation Routine- What are my days like?

This week has really put a lot of things into perspective for me. You want my honest thoughts on the COVID-19, self isolating, and quarantine? On one hand I think it’s absolutely terrible, and on the other hand I am a strong believer in Christ, and I think we all needed this break. The timing for me literally couldn’t have been any worse though. I am having a baby in 3 WEEKS! 3 WEEKS YOU GUYS. I went to the doctor today and we are 1 cm dilated, and 50-60% effaced. Any self dilating tips would be nice! Help ya girl out. I’m so ready for him to come, so I can really hide away in my house! But it was bad timing being off of work so much and missing these last couple paychecks, especially when doc bills and hospital bills are fixing to hit, along with other bills! Also being so susceptible, like even going to the grocery store is a scary thought.

During the isolation, I have done so many things to take care of myself. In reality, looking back, when work was going full time and being 8 months pregnant then, right before quarantine and COVID-19, I was constantly going. Waking up super late, feeling like crap, not eating breakfast, working through exhaustion, stress at work, and then coming home and cleaning, keeping up with laundry, going to bed semi late, and then getting up and doing it all over again. I guess some good things came out of the COVID-19 outbreak.

I have now taken up a morning routine. I get up usually with my husband, he gets up about 4:30 am every morning to get ready for work. I normally don’t have to be up till 6:15 for work, but since we are shut down I am only working 2 hours a day. So I am making my own schedule at the moment until the shut down lifts on April 13th. Then I’m going on maternity leave April 14th! So I am so glad, that I have started early on developing this morning routine. I usually get up with him, not actually get up, but I lay there and talk to him while he gets ready and then I normally do my morning twitter check! I know they say it isn’t normally the best to check your phone when you first wake up, but I am not reading the news or scrolling my timeline! I am taking my blog links and planting them and interacting with other bloggers and writers. Once I finish doing this, that sets the first traffic platform for my blog for the day! I normally will take about an 2 hour nap after that, and get up about 7:30-8. I will make myself something to eat. I mean, I NEVER give myself the time of day to eat in the morning. So I have been scarfing down a jelly blueberry whole wheat biscuit in the morning with chocolate milk. Delicious! Another thing I am doing in the morning is getting fully dressed. This really sets the tone for the day, comfy and cute, decent clothes! I take my meds, give my hair a brush and fluff, and put on a little makeup (mascara, eye liner, a little foundation, and blush), and BAM! Morning routine is done!

Usually after my morning routine, I will try to open up my stats for the morning, maybe start on a blog post, and check my notifications on social media. By then, it’s normally 9:30 or so. The past few days I have been making homemade lunches, and taking them to my husband and spending his lunch break with him, so after watching a little tv, or doing the stuff above, I’ll make his lunch, straighten the house up, move some laundry around, and head out about 10:45. After eating lunch with him, I have been going into work for about 2 hours, and then heading home.

Once I get home, I normally finish up some laundry, might take a nap. Depends on how I’m feeling. Then my real work starts on my blog, and I starting typing up some new ones, and uploading media, editing my pictures, working on my to do list for the next day, and working on promoting. I then normally get up and make dinner, and by then my hubby is home and we spend time together! I have also had time to take longer baths, do my skin care routine, and get into bed at a decent time! How has self quarantine helped you? It’s helped me get a sense of time, and I feel a whole lot better like I have a clearer head, and know what I need to get done. I have even decorated for Easter, and have been keeping my house pretty clean for when the baby comes, and been cooking a lot more! I really hope I can keep a similar routine once the baby comes. We will see! Enjoy some photos so far from our 8 day self isolation!

Self Care after Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the expulsion of the fetus from the womb before it is able to survive independently, especially spontaneously or as the result of accident. Or an unsuccessful outcome of something planned.

Except it never really feels like an accident. It always feels like something you did that caused it. You are constantly asking yourself “why did this happen?” “What could I have done differently? There are a million questions you ask yourself, all while thinking that you did something wrong.

You didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong. This was one of the hardest things for me to overcome by far when we had our miscarriage a year ago. It was very disheartening. Especially after being told we couldn’t have kids without fertility treatments. You can read all about that in my past blog posts. Miscarriage is just something that happens spontaneously that you can’t prevent. I am not writing this blog to talk about my miscarriage again though, or at least going to try to recap, I am writing it to talk about what I did after finding out and having the miscarriage happen. This is for any woman who doesn’t know what to do in the event of a miscarriage. I didn’t know what to do either. But I will say this; It was that moment the next morning, how I figured out how a small percentage of depression starts.

So the day the doctor confirmed my miscarriage, my husband took the day off with me, and we went home. He turned on my favorite show (The Golden Girls), got me in some pajamas. Mind you, he is suffering too. Like big time suffering. We literally watched tv/movies and CRIED the whole day. It was a lot of self loathing. I mean we just LOST our first baby/ child. This was huge. Finally around 6:30 my husband was like “come on, we can’t do this anymore.” We got dressed and went out to Academy Sports and went shopping for an upcoming camping trip we were going on a few weeks later. It was nice to get out of the house. It REALLY helped clear the head, somewhat. We got back and climbed back in bed, and watched another movie, and tried to get another night of rest.

The next morning was when I woke up in a tiny panic. My husband had to go to work. I was off work. I woke up feeling like I couldn’t breathe. Like I was really alone. I have never experienced a feeling like that. I honestly had no idea what to do. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t even look at my phone. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to move from that spot. I felt so empty.

I made myself get up. These are a few of the things I did for my “self care”. It was that moment I realized how someone could fall into a depression and not make it back out very easily. I was NOT going to let that happen to me, because the feeling I had when I woke up, scared me. So here is what I did that day for self care, and I really hope that this will help someone else in this case.

1. I went running. Running has ALWAYS been an outlet for me. I literally cranked up my playlist and ran a good mile or so. I was still hurting body wise, so I didn’t want to push it. The one mile distance was perfect for me. Even if you aren’t a runner, go for a walk! Sunlight and fresh air can cure ANYTHING. It may only take it away for a moment, but at least a moment is better than never.

2. I stretched. You wouldn’t believe what kind of benefits stretching has for you. I did a lot of yoga stretches. It made me feel that I had a body there. Because sometimes you can’t feel that you are human if you are so upset.

3. I took a cold shower. Like I mean a really cold shower, because once again I wanted to feel human. I wanted to feel the water. I’m so immune to hot showers, the cold shower was definitely a change. It made my skin feel so different. I honestly at this point had stopped panicking, and I was starting to feel a tad bit more like myself.

4. I took the time to brush my hair. I mean really brush my hair and moisturize. I was trying to get ready for the day. When I feel like I look good, then I feel good. I mean, I’m sure most women do?

5. I went and got a massage. So it just so worked out that I had a massage that day anyway already scheduled. Massages are part of my normal self care routine anyway, so It worked out perfect. It really relaxed me. Once again, helping me feel my body. That’s what I was aiming for.

6. I read a BOOK. I LOVE READING as it is, but I sat down in a somewhat quiet place, bought myself lunch, and read my book. It really helped me enter another world other than my own, and that’s nice to pull away from your thoughts sometimes and focus on something else without even trying. A book can do that for me every time.

7. I took a nap. Once again, pulling myself from my own mind. I wasn’t trying to escape it, I was trying to give my mental health a break.

8. Last self care, a MARGARITA! Some people would disagree that drinking probably isn’t the best thing. And trust me, I struggled. My husband had to keep reassuring me. We went out with another couple who is some of our best friends. We went to one of the local Mexican restaurants, and we rode on our motorcycle, which is one of my favorite things to do. It’s a little freeing. I ate some good food, some of my favorite food, and had one margarita.

So to recap my self care day, I did things that always make me feel better. You can to. It might not be the same things as me, and that’s okay. I really hope this does help someone that is clueless on what to do, or is having a hard time getting out of bed or coping. After that first day by myself, I just took it day by day. I got better. I still to this day will never forget. I will always mourn that lost baby. It doesn’t mean that I have to be miserable too. Neither do you!